Grave EXP Farming in Titan Quest

Titan Quest Grave Farming

The best way to earn EXP and level up in Titan Quest is by farming your own grave - seriously. When you die in Titan Quest you will lose a certain amount of EXP depending on your level and when you reclaim your grave you'll get 75% of the EXP lost back. However, if you are wearing any gear that gives you % Increased EXP you can get more EXP back than you lost. Funny, right?

You may think to yourself "this has probably been patched since this guide was written" but I am writing this guide in April of 2021 and this "bug" has been around since Titan Quest came out. I thought the same thing too that there is no way this would possibly work but it actually does.

Let's get started with the most important thing we need in order to get this to work, gear that increases our total EXP earned. There are a few pieces of rare gear you can get in the game with this affix on it. Fata Morgana (Chest), Alpenglow (Shield), Grand Chieftain's Torc (Neck) and Thoth's Glory (Artifact) all have + % Increase Experience on them.

Thoths Glory Divine ArtifactGrand Chieftains Torc Titan Quest
Alpenglow Titan QuestFata Morgana Titan Quest

However, Fata Morgana is Int/Dex requirements, Alpenglow is Strength - so you most likely won't be able to use both.... So what do you do? Well, if you own the Ragnarok expansion for Titan Quest then you'll be able to get your hands on the Wodan's Wisdom Relic which increases your total EXP earned. This Relic can be inserted into any armor/jewelry slot which means you can completely deck your character out in EXP boosting gear!

If you don't own Ragnarok then you will need to collect as much gear as you possibly can that gives you bonus EXP. Since you gain 75% of your lost EXP when you claim your grave -- so long as you have at least 30% Increased EXP you'll make back what you lost and earn more. Obviously, the more Increased EXP gear that you have the better, however.

Incarnation of Wodans Wisdom
Helm with Wodans Wisdom SocketedWrists With Wodans Wisdom Socket

Last but not least, let's show you a proof of concept and explain how this works. The first thing you will need to do is find a Rebirth Fountain that you can easily die and and have enough time to claim your Gravestone before dying again. I like the Olympus Rebirth Fountain pictured at the top of this page. Clear to the fountain and click it to activate. Equip all your EXP boosting gear and log out then back in to make enemies respawn.

Only one Limos enemy will agro you at this fountain (usually) and you will have a few seconds between each death to grab your Gravestone. Sometimes the Gravestone can be difficult to click on with the Limos beating on you and you will die twice without clicking on it. To prevent this from happening try to die in a spot where the Limos won't be blocking the Gravestone.

Below are the EXP totals after doing this trick once. I have 115% Increased EXP on my character since I am wearing 5 Wodan's Wisdoms along with the Alpenglow Shield, Fata Morgana Robe, Grand Chieftan's Torc and Thoth's Glory. I could actually change out my Necklace for more Increased EXP but I haven't.

Prior to Death EXP: Prior to Death EXP
After Death EXP: EXP After Death Pic 1
After Gravestone EXP: EXP After Gravestone 1

All in all it took me about 10 seconds - probably less - to earn the 120k EXP that I earned. It's for that reason that no location in the entire game can ever compare to this one for total EXP earned per hour.