The Secret Passage - Act 4 Farming Location

the overlords passage location

Location: Coastal Asomata
Closest Portal: Rhodes
Noteable Loot: Access to best loot table in the game

The Secret Passage is an optional developer dungeon found in Act 4 of Titan Quest: Immortal Throne. You can find the entrance of this dungeon in the northern portion of the Coastal Asomata area, the very first part of Act 4. There will be a locked gate that says "Overlord's Passage: Locked ~ Sealed by Guardian", this gate is shown in my screenshot above.

In order to gain access to this area you will need to first obtain 'The Overlord' item from defeating Hades on difficulty. Each time that you defeat Hades he has a 10% chance of dropping an item called 'The Overlord' which appears as a small turtle item ingame. This item can be traded between your characters/you can hold more than one of them which means you can farm a few up if you desire.

Note: Hades used to only drop this item on Normal difficulty but I have personally seen him drop it on Legendary too so I am assuming it has since been changed.

The Overlord

The Secret Passage Farming Location

Almost no enemies inside of the Secret Passage drop loot, all of your rewards for clearing this dungeon will come from opening the Majestic Chest at the end once all of the enemies are defeated. As far as enemies go, everything inside of this dungeon is named after a Developer who worked on the game. There are a few of these enemies that are worth mentioning as they can be very difficult.

Toxeus the Murderer: Spawns after you defeat Arthur (pictured above). This guy is arguably the most deadly enemy in the entire dungeon. He hits like a total truck and has a very fast run speed along with almost a dozen different abilities. Toxeus is also immune to Poison, Vitality and Bleeding damage. His weaknesses are his Offensive and Defensive Ability levels as well as his lack of Resistances against Skill Disruption abilities like Spell Breaker or Shield Charge + Disruption Passive.

Both Toxeus' Offensive and Defensive Ability levels are 599 which are extremely low. This means that if you have high Offensive Ability you will almost always hit Toxeus with your melee attacks and they will mostly be critical hits. If you have high Defensive Ability, Toxeus will almost never hit you with his melee attacks. I'd highly recommend that if you don't have a high Defensive Ability to not let Toxeus hit you since all melee damage he deals will heal him for 2.5x the damage dealt.

Recommended Resistances for Toxeus: Lightning, Poison and Piercing

Abilities Toxeus Can Use:

Distort Reality
Lucid Dream + Temporal Flux
Phantom Strike + Dream Stealer
Distortion Wave + Chaotic Resonance + Psionic Immolation
Distortion Field
Envenomed Weapon
Lethal Strike
Flash Powder
Toxeus Bladestorm

Vince in the Secret Passage

The next enemy worth mentioning is Vince as well as the two other enemies in the same cage as him (pictured above). Vince and his two friends are unable to leave this cage and you're unable to enter it... except with Vince's help. Vince has an ability that allows him to swap places with an enemy on his agro list, he'll use this on either you or your pet and that will allow you to defeat the two enemies in the cage. Alternatively, you can use your AoE spells while standing next to the cage to damage the enemies inside.

If Vince pulls you into the cage there is no way out, you have to port to Rhodes then run back, super annoying and it slows down the runs in this dungeon a lot. Once all of the enemies are defeated you'll be able to open the Majestic Chest in the back which contains more loot than your typical Majestic Chest (good).

Not only does this Majestic Chest contain more loot than your average Majestic Chest, it also has access to almost all of the loot in the game, meaning it can drop almost anything - including the best items in the game. You can also find some Easter Egg items from this chest such as the * item which is a Snowball that you can equip on your character that grants you the *** Skill. If you'd like to learn more about this item check out my Titan Quest Easter Eggs page.