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Seidr Worker Build Guide - Titan Quest: Ragnarok

Seidr Worker Dream Mastery

Seidr Worker Rune Mastery

Skill Trees: Rune and Dream
Primary Skills: Rune Weapon, Thunder Strike, Runic Mines, Summon Nightmare, Rune of Life, Energy Armor
Important Stats: Resistances, +Elemental Damages, 1000 Defensive Ability, Health & Life Leech or Attack damage converted to health (either are recommended but not required)
Attributes: Enough Strength to wear the shield you want and Dexterity to use Stonebinder's Cuffs. Otherwise almost all of your stats go into Intelligence

Seidr Worker is a combination of the Rune and Dream masteries; this build combo is pretty powerful with a couple of different ways to play it. I took the throwing weapon with shield route and used Thunder Strike along with Rune Weapon for my character. Other options include using 2 throwing weapons on your character or using a melee weapon and using Phantom Stike along with Thunder Strike for massive burst damage.

For this build almost all of your Skill Points will be spent into the Rune Mastery since that is where the overwhelming amount of your damage will come from. We'll be using Dream Mastery mostly for the support skills and passives in it -- unless you plan to use Phantom Strike and play this character as a melee in which case you'd be purchasing that skill too.

When it comes to gearing this character you'll want to look for gear that has +Elemental Damages on it if you want to increase your damage. Otherwise look for gear that comes with Resistances, Defensive Ability or Health on it to increase your survivability. Getting Life Leech or Attack damage converted to health will also increase your survivability and is recommended. A good item for this is Necklace of Harmonia which I use on many of my characters; so long as you're attacking the enemy you'll be healing yourself too while using this necklace.

There are a few weapons I would recommend for this build, Freyella which is an Atlantis Unique item that has a 33% chance to increase Elemental Damages by a whopping 260%. Freyella is probably the best weapon you can get for this build for that reason - as far as I know it can only be found in Atlantis or off the Gadir Orb Merchant. Other good weapons include Chakram of the Moon, Golden Kris, and Dvergr Runestones (Monster Infrequent).

The chest armor I used for this build was Tunic of the Magi because I wanted more resists. Vestment of the Overlord and Cestus would both be good picks for the chest slot too. Of course none of my builds would be complete without the amazing Stonebinder's Cuffs either. You'll definitely want to get this item to fill your bracer slot. As far as the rest of your gear it's mostly your choice which pieces you want to use. There's a wide variety of gear you can choose from that works for this class so I won't spend time listing every single piece.

Seidr Worker Character Stats

Playing a Seidr Worker is actually pretty straight forward and one of the more basic builds in the entire game. Outside of combat you'll want to keep yourself buffed with Trance of Convalescence and Rune of Life. You can also use Rune of Life on your Summon Nightmare pet too if you'd like to buff him up and increase his survivability some. Energy Armor is a good buff to keep active too but very costly in terms of Energy so I usually only use it before bosses or tough fights.

At the start of every single fight you will want to drop some Runic Mines on the ground; usually I pull enemies with this ability since it drops mines around your character and in the distance. When the group of enemies gets close enough to me I will use Thunder Strike to hit all of them and stun them then follow it up with spamming Rune Weapon. Thunder Strike is worth using against single target enemies as well as groups of enemies due to how much damage it deals and the stun that comes with it.

For packs of enemies (or bosses) that I find too difficult to tank I will run around spamming Runic Mines. With the Freezing Mines passive you have a chance of slowing or freezing an enemy when they trigger one of your mines. This will either stop them in place or slow their movement speed giving you time to turn and Thunderstrike them.


(Rune) Runic Mines: One of the best abilities in the Rune Mastery tree in my opinion. I use this ability at the start of every fight, to pull enemies and while kiting. You can cast Runic Mines through walls and over wide distances which will allow you to pull enemies that are in adjacent rooms. As for kiting, for fights that I find too difficult to tank I often run around and drop Runic Mines every where. With the Freezing Mines passive you'll not only deal damage to the enemies you're kiting but slow them down and sometimes freeze them.

(Rune) Thunder Strike: This is your right click attack and the main ability that you will be using against groups of enemies. You should max out both Thunder Strike and the Unleash passive that comes with it since this ability does a crap ton of damage and stuns enemies.

(Rune) Rune of Life: A short duration buff that Rune Mastery gets that can be applied to both yourself as well as to your pets. If you're anything like me you'll constantly forget to keep this buff on you since it only lasts 5min but it's a very good buff to have and to constantly use. Rune of Life provides you bonus movement speed, % Strength, % Bleeding Resistance and % Vitality Resistance all of which are extremely good.

(Rune) Sacred Rage: Usually I only put 1 or 2 Skill Points into this ability and the passive that goes with it and let +Skills do the rest. Skinchangers can be rather squishy since we wear cloth and we'll often take spike damage that drops us below 40% and activates Sacred Rage making this ability definitely worth getting.

(Rune) Rune Weapon: This is your left click attack and the main ability you should be using against single targets. Rune Weapon is the bread and butter ability for Rune Mastery and is a must have for most builds that choose this spec. I recommend you get all 3 passives along with Rune Weapon.

(Rune) Energy Armor: Gives some Stun Resistance and a minor amount of damage absorption. This ability has a massive Energy cost and is often not worth it to maintain 24/7 since it'll require a lot of Energy Potions. It's up to you how often you'd like to keep this ability active and use it, I typically use it before fighting bosses or before doing tough fights but otherwise forget to rebuff.


(Dream) Trance of Convalescence: Technically you can pick whatever Trance you want for this build, I chose Convalescence because it increases survivability by a decent amount and I felt that is what my character was lacking the most. Trance of Wrath is what you'd select if you wanted to increase your over all damage and Trance of Empathy is kind of middle of the road in the sense that it will increase both survivability and damage output.

(Dream) Summon Nightmare: For the first half of the game I recommend you only put a few points into this skill and its passives and let +Skills do the rest. After you've purchased all the other useful abilities that we'll be using on this build you can start dumping points into Summon Nightmare and the passives that come with it. All in all this skill is probably an optional one for this build but worth getting because we have extra Skill Points to throw around.

(Dream) Phantom Strike (Optional): I talked about this at the start of the guide, sometimes Seidr Worker builds get both Phantom Strike and Thunder Strike and they use a melee weapon instead of a Throwing Weapon. Obviously if you're planning on playing the build this way you will want to specialize into Phantom Strike.


Other Tips:

Seidr Worker Build Video

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