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Tales of Berseria Guides & Walkthroughs

Tales of Berseria is an action adventure role playing game and is the 16th entry in the Tales series. For anyone who has never played a Tales game before, it's one of the more popular JRPG series to come out of Japan and it mixes traditional RPG elements with a fighting games controls and style.


Tales of Berseria Title Screen


Katz Chest Locations & How To Reach Them

Katz Chest

Throughout the Tales of Berseria world you'll be able to find a total of 58 Katz Chests. You're introduced to these chests very early on in the game, they require Katz Spirits to open (which are found all across the world) and when you open the Katz Chests you'll receive rewards. They're like Pokemon, you gotta collect em' all to get the best rewards!

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How to Unlock Each Class 4 Administrative Zone

Class 4 Administrative Zones

One of the primary side quests you can do during your time playing Tales of Berseria is the Class 4 Administrative Zones. You'll discover these zones throughout the game by talking with different NPCs that are marked with ! event bubbles. Each island has a Katz Chest on it as well as an arena for fighting daemons. If you'd like to learn how to unlock all 10 Administrative Zones, check out my guide below!

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