Courting Gifts

Courting Items are given to your Companions to raise their affection level for you. Depending on your companion it may or may not effect their affection level. This page here is going to give you a run down of each of the Companions and whether or not they like this gift. For more information on the specific Companion's likes and dislikes click on their link below.

Zeltron Personal Aroma SetZeltron Personal Aroma Set (Courting Blue Item)

Gree Temporary Mind-Link DeviceGree Temporary Mind-Link Device (Courting Epic Item)

List of Companions that like Courting gifts.

Jedi Knight Companions


Kira Carsen

Jedi Consular Companions

Lieutenant Iresso

Nadia Grell

Tharan Cedrax

Smuggler Companions

Akaavi Spar


Corso Riggs

Guss Tuno


Trooper Companion

Aric Jorgan

Elara Dorne



Sith Warrior Companions


Jaesa Willsaam (Good)

Malavai Quinn


Sith Inquisitor Companions

Andronikos Revel Male he likes

Ashara Zavros Male she likes

Talos Drellik

Imperial Agent Companions

Ensign Temple

Vector Likes Female

Bounty Hunter Companions

Mako Likes Male

Torian Cadera Likes Female