Hoth Strength Datacron Location

This Datacron unlocks the codex entry - Galactic History ??: ??


How To Retrieve This Datacron

You need to find an Ancient Probe that wanders around the Clabburn Tundra in western Hoth. The Ancient Probe is a level 47 Champion mob that is commonly found in the western end of Clabburn Tundra wondering on the border of the exhaustion zone (Screenshots 1, 2 & 3). He drops a Depleted Datacron which you need to charge at the Coupled Recharge Station in the Starship Graveyard to retrieve the Strength Datacron. Once you have the Depleted Datacron you need to take it all the way to the Starship Graveyard over to where I am in (Screenshots 4 & 5).

Here you will see a large pipe which you need to run up. At the top of the pipe turn around and run across the ledge leading towards the Star of Coruscant (Screenshot 6). Follow the ledge all the way down to where I am in (Screenshot 7), here is where you'll want to fall down to the pipe right below which puts you in the vicinity of the Coupled Recharge Station. From where I am standing in (Screenshot 8) you will be able to activate the station.

Hoth Strength Datacron - Ancient Probe
The Ancient Probe wondering around the frozen wastes of Hoth.

Ancient Probe
I solo'd him!

Where to find the Ancient Probe
Location of where I found him right next to the exhaustion zone.

Hoth Strength Datacron - Starship Graveyard recharge station
Over in the Starship Graveyard.

Location of the recharge station
Location on the map of where this pipe is.

Path to the Strength Datacron recharge station
Follow the ledge around until you get to the next screenshot.

Recharge Station just below
From here you will want to drop down to the terminal.

Hoth Strength Datacron Recharge Station Location
A picture of the terminal you have to access for this Datacron.