Hoth Endurance Datacron Location

This Datacron unlocks the codex entry - Galactic History 64: The Kanz Disorders

This datacron holds unheard of power and knowledge collected by an ancient race. You access its power and discover writings which are clearly only one small piece of a massive galactic history:

Distracted by the Great Sith War, the Republic had overlooked growing dissent on the planet Argazda. Its provisional governor, Myrial, declared the Kanz Sector independent of the Republic and established a totalitarian regime. She began attacking and enslaving nearby worlds, including Lorrd. 

Many protested the Republic's refusal to take action against Argazda, but the Republic was in no position to begin another war so soon after destroying the Brotherhood of the Sith. Even as the Republic rebuilt, the Mandalorian Wars and subsequent conflicts would prevent it from taking up arms against Argazda for another three hundred years.

How To Retrieve This Datacron

This Datacron is located in The Starship Graveyard of Hoth. The area it is located in at The Starship Graveyard is extremely far north in the heroic area, (Screenshots 1 & 2) show you where you need to go. The blocks of ice that I am staring straight at in (Screenshot 2) are the ledges that you will want to start climbing up towards this Datacron. The path up is pretty easy to follow, once you reach snow again you'll want to turn from going south to heading east. To see what I mean, kinda, look at where I am in (Screenshot 3) and where I am facing.

Follow this icy ledge around east until you end up at about where I am in (Screenshot 4). Here you will want to jump down from the ice onto the snowy surface below and follow that further east over the path we came in on. You will want to drop down from the snowy surface to the icy one at about where I am in (Screenshot 5). Heal up and head across the arch before having to drop down again at where I am in (Screenshot 6). Follow the ship's ledge around until you reach the next drop in (Screenshot 7). Aim for the blue circle in this Screenshot.

Follow the ice south until you come to the next jump (Screenshot 8). Follow the ship's ledge around until you reach where I am on the map in (Screenshot 9). Now this is the most important part that I messed up for an entire hour on because there wasn't a single well written guide on it on the entire internet. WELL NOW THERE IS! In the direction I am facing and where I am you will want to start making your way back north but going UP this time. You'll know what I mean when you see it and you should thank me for saving you hours of time because all other Datacron guides don't tell you about this because they're all written by total jack wagons.

Hoth Endurance Datacron - Starting Point
Location on the map where you will be starting this Datacron hunt.

Hoth Endurance Datacron - Starting Point
The first set of rocks you need to jump up onto to start this Datacron hunt.

Hoth Endurance Datacron Hunt
Head east/in the direction I am facing in this screenshot.

Hoth Endurance Datacron Jump
Continue down onto the snowy area from where I am.

Hoth Endurance Datacron - Ledge to drop down too
Jump down onto the arch below.

Hoth Endurance Datacron - Another drop
Jump down to the ledge below.

Hoth Endurance Datacron - Ledge to drop down too
Jump down to the area where the little circle is below.

Hoth Endurance Datacron - Ship Jump
Jump to the ship from where I am standing.

Turn around at this location and start jumping up
Where I am on this map is where you will need to turn around and start heading back north and UP to get to this Datacron.

Hoth Endurance Datacron
A picture of this Datacron up close.