Coruscant Strength Datacron Location

This Datacron unlocks the codex entry - Galactic History 07: The First Spaceflights

This datacron holds unheard of power and knowledge collected by an ancient race. You access its power and discover writings which are clearly only one small piece of a massive galactic history:

Free of the Infinite Empire's enslavement, the humans of Coruscant began investigating the technology their Rakata masters had left. Although they couldn't use the Force-powered machines, the humans learned enough to make tentative forays into space, using slower-than-light vessels manned by crews kept in suspended animation for decades at a time.

Slowly, humans began to colonize new worlds: Alsakan, Metellos, Alderaan. The first explorers to Alderaan discovered the remains of strange insect nests, later known to be built by the Killiks. 

The pureblooded Sith species on Korriban, having survived both the Infinite Empire's onslaught and a bloody civil war after the death of their king, also became intrigued by the machines the Rakata left behind. Suddenly a spacefaring civilization, the Sith species left Korriban and eventually established a new capital on the planet Ziost.

How To Retrieve This Datacron

Coordinates: X -3087 , Y 538

The Strength +2 Datacron is located in the Jedi Temple area of Coruscant. Compared to the other Datacrons this one is fairly easy to get to, it just takes a bit of patience and coordination as do the others. First you will need to find the Jedi Temple, once there you'll want to head over to a large fallen pillar which you need to climb (Screenshots 1 & 2). Once up the pillar you'll want to run around the broken rubble heading westward. If you take a look around up top you can see the Datacron already (Screenshot 3).

After you run around the broken rubble you'll end up right near the Datacron. All that's left is a small fall onto the pillar which holds the Datacron (Screenshot 4) and then a quick walk to the Datacron (Screenshot 5). That's all there is to it!

Pillar Leading to the Coruscant Strength Datacron
Pillar leading up to the Datacron.

Location of the Pillar leading to the Coruscant Strength Datacron
Location of the pillar leading upwards.

Coruscant Strength Datacron in the distance
Datacron in the distance.

Drop down to the Coruscant Strength Datacron
Where to drop down to reach the Datacron.

Coruscant Strength Datacron
Strength Datacron up close and personal.

Location of the Coruscant Strength Datacron on the map
Location of the Coruscant Strength Datacron on the map.