Coruscant Endurance Datacron Location

This Datacron unlocks the codex entry - Galactic History 04: King Adas

This datacron holds unheard of power and knowledge collected by an ancient race. You access its power and discover writings which are clearly only one small piece of a massive galactic history:

The ancient Sith on Korriban--not an order of Force users, but a distinct species native to the planet--were distinctive for their yellow eyes and blood-red skin. But the warrior Adas was unlike his brothers; his skin was jet-black and he towered over his fellow Sith. Through violence and cunning, he fought his way to become ruler of the Sith and united their nations through a bloody war. He later took the title "Sith'ari," meaning "overlord."

King Adas's ascension may have been helped by an untrained Force sensitivity. Certainly Adas was long-lived; his reign lasted three hundred years, and only came to an end when the Infinite Empire launched an assault on Korriban. The title Sith'ari remains a key tenet of Sith lore, eventually coming to refer to a perfect being in Sith philosophy.

How To Retrieve This Datacron

Coordinates: X -3625 , Y -1293

Much like the Yellow Matrix Shard, this Datacron requires a lot of jumping from object to object to reach. To get started head to the Black Sun Territory at around the middle of the zone (Screenshots 1 & 2 to find it). The first thing you will want to jump on top of are the barrels back in the corner. Then from the barrels to the crate onto more barrels and then onto the side of the dumpster. From here you will want to jump across the small gap to the crate (Screenshot 3). Also, so you have a good idea of where you're going you can take a look to your east and see the Datacron in the distance (Screenshot 4).

Back to jumping, once you make it across to the crate follow more barrels up, onto the dumpster and then another crate, more barrels and then a large metal thingy (Screenshot 5). From up here you'll want to traverse the small little pipe and hop up onto the large platform that goes towards the Datacron. Towards the end of this platform you'll see three broken pipes, only one is within jumping distance so obviously that's the one you'll want to be jumping too! (Screenshot 6). Once you land on that pipe follow it down to the large platform and jump up there.

Travel a bit down the large platform to the second pipe that was out of reach before, now this time you can easily jump right on down to it, which you will want to do. (Screenshot 7) Once you land on this pipe follow it across to the other platform on the otherside (I know, I know, lots of running back and forth). Once you make it to that platform you will have the most difficult jump so far ahead of you. What you need to do here is jump onto the billboard. Sounds easy but the cache is that there is a few feet missing on the top of the billboard so you need to make it over that onto the slim board (Screenshot 8).

Once you make it to and across the board though you're home free because the Datacron is right there!

Coruscant Endurance Datacron Hunt
The area where you will start all of your jumping.

Coruscant Datacron - Start of the hunt
Location on the map where you begin your long trek to the Datacron.

Climbing the crates
Part way up the tower of crates.

Coruscant Endurance Datacron in the distance
You can see the Datacron in the distance.

Coruscant Endurance Datacron Hunt
Last jump before the first platform.

Coruscant Endurance Datacron Hunt
You must jump to the pipe right in front of me.

Next Jump for the Coruscant Endurance Datacron Hunt
Next pipe that you need to jump too.

Coruscant Endurance Datacron Hunt
A wide shot of the billboard.

Coruscant Datacron
Picture of the Datacron up close and personal.

Coruscant Endurance Datacron location on the map
Where the Datacron is on the map.