Corellia Willpower Datacron (Republic) Location


This Datacron unlocks the codex entry - Galactic History 79: The Conclave at Katarr

This datacron holds unheard of power and knowledge collected by an ancient race. You access its power and discover writings which are clearly only one small piece of a massive galactic history:

Dark times had come to the Republic. Reconstruction from the Jedi Civil War was still ongoing, and the Jedi Order's numbers were dwindling. Worse, many Jedi sensed a new Sith threat emerging but could not pinpoint the source.

Finally, the Jedi Council called a conclave on the Miraluka colony of Katarr. The order's Masters, including the legendary Vandar Tokare, gathered to discuss the possibility that the Sith had returned. They did not know that Darth Nihilus, a being of pure hunger and dark side power, was approaching the colony.

Drawn to the assembled Masters, Nihilus devoured the life energy of everything on Katarr. Millions of Miraluka died, along with most of the Jedi Order's senior members. Walking Katarr's lifeless surface later, Darth Nihilus came across the only survivor: the traumatized Miraluka Visas Marr, whom Nihilus took as his apprentice.

How To Retrieve This Datacron

For this Datacron you will need to go to the Blastfield Shipyards in southern Corellia. Once you're here make your way down south to where I am in (Screenshots 1 & 2). The ledge directly in front of me in (Screenshot 2) is the ledge you'll have to follow around the side of this building towards the Datacron. Careful not to fall because down below is an Imperial base! While following this ledge you will need to jump over these steel beam things (Screenshot 3). The first two you will want to jump over but the third one you will want to run up.

At the top of this beam you will see another beam running horizontally (Screenshot 4). Jump from the one you're on to this one and follow it west. Make a right at the end of this beam when you're required to and follow it down to the end. The large brown pipe that is next to the ledge you're on is the next thing you are required to jump to. See (Screenshot 5) on how to get up it, it's pretty self explanatory from that visual. Once you're atop this brown pipe thing turn around and jump up onto the steel platform (Screenshot 6).

Once you're on the platform you will want to jump up ontop of the black Imperial Crates and then onto the big gray Imperial Crate (Screenshot 7). From this crate you will want to jump atop the wing of the fighter and then up onto the fighter itself (Screenshot 8). From this fighter you will see a large crate to the west, you will need to jump across to this crate (Screenshot 9). From this crate jump across to another one of those brown pipe things and continue west. At the end of this brown pipe there will be a large column with a platform circling it. Jump up onto this platform and follow it around to the southwest.

In the southwest corner of this platform you will see a set of small black pipes (Screenshot 10). Jump to these. Don't be afraid to over shoot them, I did and landed on a bigger pipe below which I could easily navigate back up. From these pipes you will want to jump to the solid ledge to the west. Once you make it to the ledge continue west, you can see the Datacron in the distance now. It's actually really easy to get to it from here as all of the jumping is over (except for the last jump) and the path is pretty basic that you got to follow.

Just continue west jumping over stuff and onto stuff until you find a roof below you. Jump down to it, run along it continuing west and up the steel beam at the end. From that beam hop onto the other that runs North/South, follow that north towards the Datacron and then you have the final jump which you have to take on an angle (Screenshot 11).

Location of the start of the hunt
Location of where you will start the hunt for this Datacron.

Corellia Willpower Datacron Hunt
Follow this ledge to start the hunt for the Datacron.

Corellia Republic Datacron hunt
You will need to jump across these steel beams as you go. The third one you will want to run up to retrieve the Datacron.

Corellia Willpower Datacron Jump
Jump to this beam that runs horizontally past here.

Corellia Willpower Datacron Hunt
Where you need to jump and jump again to make it up to this brown thing.

Corellia Willpower Datacron
The steel platform you need to jump up to.

Corellia Willpower Datacron
From these black crates you need to jump up onto the gray crate.

Corellia Willpower Datacron Hunt
Then from the gray crate onto the Imperial Fighter wing then onto the Imperial Fighter.

Corellia Willpower Datacron Hunt
From here jump onto the gray crate.

Corellia Willpower Datacron
The next jump to the set of pipes to the west.

Corellia Willpower Datacron
The final jump to the Datacron itself.

Corellia Willpower Datacron
A picture of the Datacron.

Location of the Corellia Willpower Datacron on the map
Location of the Corellia Willpower Datacron on the map.