Corellia Strength Datacron Location


This Datacron unlocks the codex entry - Galactic History 82: Darth Traya's Return

This datacron holds unheard of power and knowledge collected by an ancient race. You access its power and discover writings which are clearly only one small piece of a massive galactic history:

While seeking out the last surviving Jedi Masters, the Jedi Exile had learned much. Although the Exile had been deafened to the Force, this condition was not a punishment by the Council for fighting in the Mandalorian Wars; it had been caused by the millions of deaths at the battle of Malachor Five.

Knowing the Exile was haunted by Malachor, Kreia--taking up the mantle of Darth Traya again--returned to the planet. The assassin Darth Sion also returned there to face the Exile, but he was defeated, persuaded to release his unnatural hold on life.

Finally, the Exile dueled Darth Traya--who claimed that, despite her betrayal, there was no ill-will between them. To Traya, the Exile represented freedom from the Force, which Traya had come to despise. With Traya's death, the Exile left Malachor Five for the last time, and the Sith Triumvirate was defeated.

How To Retrieve This Datacron

This Datacron is located in Labor Valley at the Central Workforce Habitation area (Screenshot 1). Where I am standing in (Screenshot 1) is exactly where you will want to go to start the hunt for this Datacron. Directly in front of me there is a pipe which you will need to run up to start the hunt required to reach this Datacron (Screenshot 2). At the top of the pipe you will need to make your way onto the cloth overhang. From here you will need to wait for the Imperial Shuttle that swings by the canvas you're standing on (Screenshot 3).

Jump onto the shuttle when it gets close and ride it a bit east until you can jump onto a nearby platform with missles stacked up on it (Screenshot 4). Once you're onto the platform head over to the eastern end of it and look down. You'll be able to see a crate just below that you can jump to (Screenshot 5). This crate is in a fenced in area so double check to make sure you're jumping to the right one. After jumping onto the crate directly in front of you will be a steelbeam leaning against another crate, run up it and jump from the single steel beam up top to the double stack of steel beams and then again to the next crate.

Once you're over here you will want to wait for the small lift to raise itself up to you (Screenshot 6). Hop onboard and jump up to the crate ontop of the crate you were just on.

Note: You can use the small lift in (Screenshot 6) or the steel beam I am on in (Screenshot 7) to reach this Datacron, I used the small lift because I didn't feel like waiting for the steel beam.

From atop the crate in (Screenshot 8) you will want to jump across to the metal platform directly in front of me. After making it up to the platform you will want to run south, up the metal beam and to the Strength Datacron. It's extremely straight forward once you make it to the metal platform.

Corellia Strength Datacron
Location on the map of where you will want to start the hunt for this Datacron.

Pipe leading to this Datacron
A picture of the steel pipe you need to run up to in order to start the hunt for this Datacron.

The imperial shuttle
The Imperial Shuttle that travels back and forth between this cloth canvas and where you need to go.

Steel grate ledge
The ledge with missles on it that you need to jump to.

Boxes you need to jump down too
A picture of the crate you need to jump down to from the ledge.

Corellia Strength Datacron
The small lift you can use to jump to the crate.

Corellia Strength Datacron Hunt
Or the steel beam you can use to jump to the crate.

Final Corellia Strength Datacron Jump
From here you need to jump to the steel platform in front of me.

Corellia Strength Datacron
A picture of the Strength Datacron up close.

Corellia Strength Datacron on the map
Location of this Datacron on the map.