Belsavis Aim Datacron Location


This Datacron unlocks the codex entry - Galactic History 68: The Mandalorians Return

This datacron holds unheard of power and knowledge collected by an ancient race. You access its power and discover writings which are clearly only one small piece of a massive galactic history:

The Mandalorians had never forgotten their humiliating defeat at the Republic's hands during the Great Sith War. With his Neo-Crusader warriors prepared by a decade of conquest, Mandalore the Ultimate decided the time was right and launched an assault on the Republic. Several Zabrak colonies fell to the Mandalorian advance, under heavy blaster fire and the shadow of Basilisk war droids.

Finally provoked into action, the Republic appealed to the Jedi for military support, but the Council refused. The Masters believed there were greater forces at work behind the Mandalorian invasion than a simple lust for war. They wanted to remain apart from the conflict, believing the true threat would reveal itself in time. However, some younger Jedi disagreed with the Council's edict. These Jedi would form a splinter group, the "Revanchists," and answer the Republic's call for help.

How To Retrieve This Datacron

Coordinates X - 1913 Y - 476

NOTE: The Invisible Bridge to reach this Datacron was fixed in patch 1.2. The area we jump over in Screenshot 4 now is the only way to reach this Datacron. What you need to do is dismount off your speeder and jump down onto the bridge. From there you can reach the Datacron. Tread carefully!

This Datacron is located in the western section of The Tomb area of Belsavis. To reach this Datacron you must first jump ontop of a few rocks nearby located around -710 , -1943 (Screenshots 1 & 2). It's a very difficult jump to make, luckily it is the most difficult jump and it is the very first one. What you need to do is jump up onto the rock right in front of you in (Screenshot 1), you will want to keep trying this jump until you are where I am in (Screenshot 3).

From here run around the southern end of the lava pool following the rocks. The next jump is on the eastern most end of the lava pool, you have to jump over the vantage point of this Datacron (Screenshot 4). After you make this jump follow the southern rock ledge around until you reach a raised rock which seems like you wouldn't be able to jump onto (Screenshot 5). Getting onto this ledge is a bit tricky and I fell once trying to get up there so be careful! What you need to do is jump onto the side of the ledge, where I am looking in (Screenshot 6). And where I am standing in (Screenshot 7).

From here you will see a little lip of a rock coming out of this ledge which you can jump up onto to make it up onto the top of this rock ledge. Once you make it atop the rock ledge it's smooth sailing from there. You will want to head over to where I am in (Screenshot 8) and then from there you can jump down to where the Datacron is. You will want to try to land where I am in (Screenshot 9).

Belsavis Aim Datacron Jump
You need to jump from where I am in this picture to the rock directly in front of me.

The path that leads to the Aim Datacron on Belsavis
Location on the map of where I am standing in the above picture. And where you will need to start your hunt for this Datacron.

Belsavis Aim Datacron
Ontop of the most difficult jump to reach this Datacron. From here you will need to jump to the ledge right in front of me.

Belsavis Aim Datacron
You will need to jump over this vantage point for the Datacron. It isn't all that difficult.

Belsavis Aim Datacron
The large rock that looks like you can't get over it, the next screenshot shows you the trick to get over it.

Belsavis Aim Datacron Guide
In front of me is the ledge that you need to jump to or skirt around the large rock to get to it.

Belsavis Aim Datacron Guide
In front of me there is a little rock lip that you need to jump onto to reach this Datacron.

Final Jump to the Belsavis Aim Datacron
From here you will be jumping down to where the Datacron is. This jump may make your buttcheeks pucker.

Belsavis Aim Datacron location
From here you can skirt around the rock to reach the Datacron. Get off your Speeder to go slower and make sure you don't "speed" off the edge.

Belsavis Aim Datacron
A picture of the Datacron up close.

Location of the Belsavis Aim Datacron on the map
Location of the Belsavis Aim Datacron on the map.