Rakghoul World Event

So currently at the minute there is a world event that just started in swtor involving Tatooine and Rakghouls. There are a bunch of dailies that start in the Dune Sea and continue to the southeastern portion of Tatooine and we will see where else they go after that. So far it seems like the main reward is Orange gear that looks pretty and other things but I am sure there is much more. I will post a guide on all this stuff later but right now I am still working on figuring things out (Torhead doesn't even have any updates yet).

It appears that the main currency for these dailies is Rakghoul DNA Samples. It says on the item "This Rakghoul DNa sample would probably be valuable on the open market, if you can find a buyer somewhere on Tatooine." So far I have heard the vendor is in Anchorhead but I can't confirm as I am still working on the Outbreak daily which had me collect Infected Wrappings, find the escape pod and now recover Samples from Infected Livestock. I'll do a more indepth guide sometime later once I know more!

Rakghoul DNA Samples Questions

"Where is the vendor for Rakghoul DNA Samples?" - I have been seeing this question asked non stop in /1. The vendor is located north of the Republic town in the Dune Sea, turn on the vendor symbol on your map and you will find him easily. He sells a Rakghoul pet and a bunch of Black-Green crystals. A pretty mediocre reward if you ask me.

"Where do the Dailies start for the Rakghoul World Event on Tatooine?" - The dailies start in the Dune Sea. For Republic it is northeast of their town. Imperials use the same vendor that the Republic players do. You don't actually pick up the quest from anyone for the dailies it is an [AREA] quest. All you have to do is walk into the area to start them.

"What level do I have to be to get the dailies for the Rakghoul World Event?" - You must be at least around the level range of Tatooine (20 - 25; in that range) in order to start the daily to the best of my knowledge. You can group up to speed up the process while doing the daily too.

"What does the vendor sell that accepts the Rakghoul DNA Samples?" - The vendor sells a mini Rakghoul pet, Black-Green Lightsaber Crystals and a box that contains a random Companion Customization.

"How long will this "event" be around for?" - Currently we don't know, it just started today though so hop in whenever, it's loads of fun!

"None of the items from the Rakghoul DNA Samples interest me, what should I do with them?" - You can sell them to other players for Credits if you don't want anything from the vendor. Depending on your server 10k per Rakghoul DNA Sample will probably be a good price.

"Do Imperials have dailies in the same places the Republic players do? Right above the Republic town where it is marked on your map below?" - As far as I know they do! I am not 100% certain if it is the same in the Dune Sea but in the southeastern end of Tatooine Republic and Imperial players do mingle together. As they're working on these dailies.

"How many Rakghoul DNA Samples can you get in a day from the dailies?" - You can get 11 in total from doing all of the dailies.

"Is there any other way to get Rakghoul DNA Samples aside from the dailies?" - Getting infected and "exploding" and infecting other players around you will reward you with more Rakghoul DNA samples. You can do this as many times as you want a day. In order to get infected fight the Rakghouls in the daily area or have another player explode by you and infect you. (Stand around on fleet long enough this is bound to happen)

"How do I get the Infect other players daily?" - In order to get this daily quest you must first become Lightheaded and wait awhile to then become Feverish. Once you are Feverish you will have to wait another little bit of time (usually 5 to 10 minutes) at which point you will explode and infect everyone around you that is not already infected. If you infect someone else you will start the Plaguebearer quest.

"How do I get infected to start the daily mission?" - You can get infected from another player exploding or by being attacked by the Rakghouls or other infected mobs on Tatooine.

"How long does it take you to explode once you're infected for the daily?" - First you become Lightheaded and that lasts for about 5 minutes or so and then you become Feverish which lasts for another 5 to 10 minutes and then you finally explode and infect everyone around you which will either start the daily "Plaguebearer" or update it if you already have it.

"I keep getting the same Customization for my Class, is there anyway to change my odds?" - No! You can't get more than 1 customization per class and all of the classes Companion's customizations are the same! What I mean by that is Jedi Consulars can only get Theran Cedrax customization; Smugglers can only get Corso Riggs, Troopers can only get Elara Dorne and so on and so forth. There is NO other customizations so once you buy it once don't try for more!!

"I can't get the Escape Pod (Passenger List) daily or the daily to kill Jawas. Why not?!" - In order to unlock the new daily with each passing day it seems that you need to complete every single daily the previous day to unlock the next one the next day. I can't confirm this 100% yet but this is what everyone is reporting. The infect 10 other players daily is not part of this list.

The vendor that accepts the Rakghoul DNA is named Jeelvic. Below is a picture of him, his location on the map and a list of all his loot.

Location of Dailies and Rakghoul DNA Vendor

JeelvicJeelvic's Location

Black-Green Lightsaber Crystals

Jeelvic's Stuff Rakghoul DNA Items

Pale Rakling Vanity Pet Pictures

Tracking the Origin Quest

For this quest you need to visit three important landmarks in Achorhead (Republic) or Mos Ila (Empire); the Emergency Notice board by the Spaceport, Infected Escape Pod north of the Spaceport and the Medical Supplies by the Cantina. A picture of each of these items that you have to interact with and a location of where they can be found on the map is below. Each of these three things will give you a buff which will then allow you interact with a terminal in the little encampment nearby the Speeders in Anchorhead. Doing this will give you the Tracking the Origin quest.

If you're an Imperial player and doing this quest then the coordinates for you are 429, 3070 for the Escape Pod and the Med Supplies are at 560, 2780. The Emergency Notice Board is just outside the Spaceport like it is for the Republic players. This information was provided by

Chemayla of the <Sinister Guild> on The Constant server. Thanks a lot!

Emergency Notice Board Location

Emergency Notice BoardEmergency Notice Board Location

Infected Escape Pod Location

Infected Escape PodInfected Escape Pod Location

Medical Supplies Location

Medical SuppliesMedical Supplies Location

Collecting the buff from all three of these objects will unlock the "Tracking the Origin" quest from the little encampment next to the speeders in southern Anchorhead. This quest requires you to scan 12 of the Stardream Wreckage which are scattered all over Tatooine.

Jundland Stardream Wreckage 1

X 745, Y -2547, Z 456 (On top of the bunker at my location on the map.

Jundland Stardream Wreckage Location

Jundland Stardream Wreckage 2

X 1192, Y -1267, Z 448

Jundland Stardream Wreckage Location

Jundland Stardream Wreckage 3

X 758, Y -913, Z 401

This Wreckage is a bit tricky to get to as it is hanging off the side of a cliff. What you need to do is go far to the south where the wreckage is and travel around the cliff to the lower path. From here follow this east towards the location of the wreckage. Far to the east you will want to skirt along the mountain ledge to the wreckage and collect it.

Jundland Stardream Wreckage Location

Jundland Stardream Wreckage 4

X 10931 Y -4091 Z 444

This is another tricky piece of wreckage to get to and scan as it has you jump down the cliff to reach it. It isn't a far jump and if you miss you can always just run back around and come up here but it still is a bit of a risk especially if you lag right before the jump!

Jundland Stardream Wreckage Location

(Click to Enlarge the below picture)

Jundland Stardream Wreckage Location

Jundland Stardream Wreckage 5

X 1097, Y 723, Z 457

Jundland Stardream Wreckage Location

Jundland Stardream Wreckage 6

X 310, Y 266, Z 433

Jundland Stardream Wreckage Location

Jundland Stardream Wreckage 7

X 1796, Y 600, Z 410

This wreckage is a bit annoying to reach if you don't read this paragraph first. There is a tunnel to reach this area nearby the Jundland Stardream Wreckage 5 area. It is a road just north of the Stardream Wreckage 5 location that seems to just run into the mountain. Which it does, it just leads into a tunnel essentially. The coordinates for this tunnel are X 1255, Y 572, Z 451. Once you follow the tunnel through you will come out into the Wreckage area.

Jundland Stardream Wreckage Location

The Dune Sea Stardream Wreckage 1

X -2030, Y -1896, Z 435

This Wreckage is as far as you can go to the northwest in The Dune Sea. It is literally right next to the exhaustion zone.

The Dune Sea Stardream Wreckage Location

The Dune Sea Stardream Wreckage 2

X -2413, Y -755, Z 453

I have supplied two screenshots for this location as it is difficult to find with just one. The Wreckage you need to scan is right over to the "T" in "T"he Dune Sea.

The Dune Sea Stardream Wreckage Location

The Dune Sea Stardream Wreckage 3

X - 1389, Y -478, Z 446

Much like the previous piece of Wreckage I have supplied two screenshots for this one as it is pretty much required to find it.

The Dune Sea Stardream Wreckage Location

The Dune Sea Stardream Wreckage Location

Jundland Stardream Wreckage 8

X - 530, Y -328, Z 499

It's back to Jundland for this Wreckage. It's easy to get to, just run through the Imperial town and up to the ledge where it is located.

If you have't gotten the Tatooine Aim Datacron yet this is the perfect time to do so!

Jundland Stardream Wreckage Location

Jundland Stardream Wreckage 9

X -591, Y -1443, Z 525

This piece of wreckage is between The Dune Sea and Jundland. I can't zoom in on the map as it doesn't provide you with a map for either one, you simply get a map of the entire area. It's easy to find though, just run up the sandy hill until you see the Moon Caller's Bantha. The wreckage is behind him.

Jundland Stardream Wreckage Location

After you scan all 12 pieces of wreckage the next step of the quest will have you "Locate the Infected Risp". Which if you open your map you will see that this part of the quest is done to the southeast in Jundland in the second area for the dailies. Let's head on down there now to get this quest done and get our cute little pet! Once you discover the Infected Risp box and open it you will recieve the Crimson Rakling vanity pet. That is the end of the only non-daily quest for this event.

Rakghoul Dailies

Alright so I figure many people out there are looking for a comprehensive list of all the dailies involved in the Rakghoul World Event. This gave me the idea of... Let's make a guide for them! So currently there are two extremely well known dailies that are [AREA] dailies which all players are going to run into probably almost immediately upon figuring out how this event works. I have already done them for the day so I can't document them to the best of my abilities today but I will soon.

[Daily Area] Wreck of the Stardream

Step 1 - Recover Access Codes from Infected Security (Kill the security members for these. The "Strong" ones have the best chance of dropping them)

Step 2 - Download logs from the Salvageable Data Terminals (Look for the computer terminals on the ground and right click it to activate it to complete the daily. I recommend you stay at the same terminal for all 3 logs. It only has a 30 - 45 second respawn time and it's better than competing against others/running around aimlessly looking for another).

Step 3 - Recover Power Cores (Look for the large glowing blue pieces of wreckage, they're the ones wityh the Power Cores. Camp the same piece of wreckage like you did for the logs)

Step 4 - Lure out Captain Magnus and Recover his Access Codes (The location is marked on your map, just head over there)

Step 5 - Access Captain Magnus' Terminal to complete the quest (Once again marked on map)

This is the first daily you will come across for the Rakghoul dailies on Tatooine. In the northeastern portion of the Dune Sea at the Wreck of the Stardream this quest will appear and allow you to do it.

[Daily] Blood Sample

Step 1 - Use the Research Station

Step 2 - (Depending on if you pick light or dark) you have to use the serum on Sand People to cure or to kill them. The Sand People are all over the gorge where the quest tells you to go. They're neutral and won't attack you unless you attack them first.

(These guys are also used in the "Outbreak" quest)

Step 3 - Deliever the results to the drop box (marked on map)

Killing a Rakghoul at the Wreck of the Stardream will give you a blood sample which starts this daily and has you turn it in at the Research Station southeast of where you are nearby the other daily area.

[Daily Area] Outbreak

Step 1 - Collect Infected Wrappings (They drop from the Infected Sand People in the gorge area that this daily takes place in. Attack one of the Infected Sand People to spawn more Infected Sand People all which have a chance to drop the Wrappings)

During this quest is the perfect time to get the Tatooine Willpower Datacron!

Step 2 - Investigate the Escape Pod (Marked on map)

Step 3 - Recover Samples from Infected Livestock (Kill the infected animals for these. You've passed plenty of them so far so you know what they look like, don't play dumb!)

Step 4 - Investigate the First, Second and Third New Murals (All are marked on your map, easy as pie!)

Step 5 - Lure Infected Keeper of Stories and Recover his possessions (He is marked on your map, head on over to him and click on the object that's glowing blue to lure him out and kill him)

Step 6 - Investigate the final mural to complete the daily

Much like the other daily area quest this one is extremely easy to do. Granted it is a bit time consuming to complete for the lackluster rewards, it is still a requirement to complete if you want to unlock the other dailies each day. After you finish Outbreak head on over to Passenger List since we're in the area

[Daily] Passenger List

Investigate Escape Pods 0/4

You get this daily the first day after completing all of the other dailies. You can find this daily in The Dune Sea's daily area from a crashed Escape Pod. Grab it and hold onto it until after you finish Outbreak. After you finish Outbreak head southwest to the Passenger List daily area and investigate 4 of the downed escape pods over here. (Click the cap on the escape pod to investigate it. When you do two Infected Exploerers will appear. Kill them and rinse/repeat this another three times to complete the daily.

[Daily] Hybrid Strain

Scan Jawa Junk and Defeat Infected Jawa

For this quest you have to scan the Jawa Junk in the area marked on your map and then kill the Jawas that come out of the ground. Very easy quest that can only be acquired after you complete the Passenger List daily (the next day it will be available). The quest item that starts the quest comes from the Infected Sand People that drop the wrappings.

[Daily] Pure Virus Sample

Collect 6 Pure Virus Samples

For this quest you need to collect 6 Pure Virus Samples from whatever town it tells you to collect them from (different for Imperials and Republic players). There are boxes attached to the buildings that contain these, open up the box and take out the sample. Rinse and repeat 5 more times and you're all done! Occasionally an infected wookie will come out and attack you but you can easily dispose of him.

[Daily] Newly Infected

Search 5 Infected Dewback Corpses

The Infected Dewbacks that you need for this quest can be found west of Outpost Largona for Republic and probably the same area for Imperials but I can't confirm that 100% yet. Once you search the Dewback you'll get credit for the quest but you will also have to kill the Rakghouls that pop out and attack you. Or you can just run away and let them leash but killing them is definitely easier.