Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint Guide

Kaon Under Siege was the first Flashpoint added into the game during patch 1.1. The Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint follows one of the more popular science fiction stories of an infection breaking out on a spaceshuttle and it spreading from host to host through bite/scratch and turning them into a zombie-like creature. Those that have played Dead Space will immediately feel some nostalgia in this instance.

Since this instance is a bit more difficult and the trash in here is actually hard I will go over the more difficult mobs before I start with the bosses.

Kaon Under Siege Trash Mobs

Bloated Plaguebringer

These guys are probably the most annoying of the trash mobs here as when they get below 20% health they will stand still and "explode" blowing everyone that is within a few feet of him back about 20 feet. It's important you run out of range before he explodes or pull him away from the group before he starts... constipating himself we'll call it. The Bloated Plaguebringers are easy to spot as they're much larger than the other zombies here.

Infected Mercenary

This trash mob is fairly easy but it has one extremely annoying ability that MUST be interrupted under all circunstances. The ability from them that you must interrupted is a Force-choke like ability. It grips up a party member and holds them there for an extremely long period of time. If this happens to the Tank or Healer you can kiss your group goodbye if no one interrupts it.

First "Boss" Encounter

This isn't actually a boss ecounter but it's a semi-difficult fight and it rewards loot from a chest.

About 10 minutes into clearing the instance you will come across a turret, it's glowing blue and sitting pretty much in the middle of a room. You pass right by it so you can't miss it. It's important you don't hop on this turret right away as it will start the boss encounter before you and your group are ready! Once you are ready have someone hop on the turret that has barely any AoE abilities and can't really provide much for this fight. Once they get on the turret the encounter will begin

IMPORTANT: You do not need to press ANY buttons to make the turret shoot, it will shoot on its own. Pressing an ability will unmount you from it.

The person on the turret's job is to keep turning the turret to face all of the mobs, it will shoot on its own so just keep turning to and blasting away at everything in front of you. Keep this up for 3 minutes while your group handles the mobs off of the turret too and you will complete the encounter and get your loot.

Hardmode Tip: Some people report that it is easier to fight the zombie horde away from the turret near two stationary turrets which you activate a short walk before the box. They say that while using the turret is faster it is much harder than just fighting the zombie horde without it by the turrets.

This is an extremely easy encounter.

Second Boss - Rakghoul Behemoth

This may be a confusing encounter if it is your first time here but luckily that's what I'm here to fix! You fight this boss in a giant room which makes it extremely easy to kite him around (something you will be doing a lot). There are four clickable explosive tanks around the room. They have big red arrows pointing to them and they're glowing blue; you can find them by all of the lamposts. They're virtually impossible to miss. The tank will want to drag the boss to one of these barrels and tank him here until he uses his shield that decreases damage taken by 90%.

When the boss puts up his shield and starts taking dramatically less damage the tank will want to quickly click the barrel to explode it; removing the shield from the boss (DPS can do it too if they're melee) and allowing full damage to the boss again. After destroying a barrel right next to the boss the tank will want to move the boss to the next barrel and wait for the shield to come back up. The only other special thing this boss does is every once in awhile he will go into a frenzy and deal tons more damage to whomever his target is. During this time you will want to kite the boss and avoid being hit by him.

NOTE: The Barrels you need to click to explode in the bosses face to remove his shield do respawn.

Third Boss - KR-82

This is an extremely difficult boss that relies heavily on the tank to know what they are doing. The fight itself is fairly straight forward, the boss does some AoE damage to the group (an explosive shot attack on a random member) and also another channeled attack on a random person but aside from that he will only attack the tank. Now, there are three more things you need to know about this boss. These are the three most important abilities this boss has. Here is a list of them:

Grapple: This ability grabs ahold of every party member and pulls them to the boss. Once the boss pulls everyone to him he will use an AoE ability damaging everyone. Apparently if something is between you and the boss this ability will not work. However I've stood behind the tree nearby this boss and still been pulled to him.

Energy Shield: At 66% and 33% the boss will use an energy shield during which he doesn't attack the group. He will summon three adds at this time which need to quickly be picked up by the tank and burned down by the DPS. The energy shield lasts 20 seconds, giving you enough time to kill at least 2 of the three adds.

Final Boss - Lk'graagth and his friends

This boss is a push over for the last boss of the instance, especially after fighting the bonus boss before him. Lk'graagth will come with two adds which you need to take out before killing the boss. It doesn't matter which one you kill just make sure your DPS is coordinated on one add. During the fight Lk'graagth will order the adds he comes with to attack a random party member. They obey and stick to this player like glue, they can't be taunted off for the duration of this attack but after their attack order fades they can.

Once one of the adds die the other add goes enraged and deals more damage so be sure to take him down quickly after you defeat the first one. Killing off one of the bosses adds causes more adds to come out from the same area you entered the bosses room from. The tank will need to pick up these adds quickly before they seriously hurt anyone. After you kill off the second of the bosses friends more adds will come again. Destroy them and then destroy the boss. The boss himself does not have any special abilities from what I have seen.