False Emperor Flashpoint Guide

<< Not 100% done yet >>

First Boss - Tregg the Destroyer (Mini Boss)

For this boss you need to pull him back off the bridge he sits on so his knockbacks don't knock you off of the bridge. Have the tank build a bit of threat as the DPS kill the adds with him. Once the adds are dead switch to the boss and burn him down. He is a really simple fight; mostly just a tank and spank although he does jump randomly to other people in the group and has a nasty whirlwind/cleave which you'll want to avoid.

Drops a Green Item and a Corellia Commendation

Second Boss - Jindo Krey

This boss is a bit tricky so it's important everyone knows the strategy before you engage the boss. On the platform that he comes down on you will see three turrets. You'll need to activate these when the Bosses ship gets close. I am unsure if the turrets will hit the ship from anywhere or if you need to activate it when the ship is flying directly in front of it, I've heard it both ways. Usually groups have a DPS focusing on taking the ship down by using the turrets.

The boss himself has a unique strategy too. Throughout the fight the boss will shield himself (It's an absorb shield that absorbs a ton of damage) you will need to do enough damage to destroy the shield so you can start attacking the boss again. It will take quite a bit of damage to get the shield down but once it's down you'll be able to start wailing away at the boss again. The ship is the bigger threat during this fight, keep that out of your way and the boss will be cake.

Drops: Usually a Relic, from what I've seen that's the only drop (At least on normal)

Third Bosses - Prototype A-14 & Prototype B-16 (Mini Bosses)

This is a very easy fight that resembles the Twin Emps in WoW if you ever played WoW and even remember these bosses. There are two droids which you will have to fight at the same time, in hindsight that's really the only common ground they share with the Twin Emps! During this fight one of the Prototypes will shield themselves and go completely immune to all damage. When this happens you will need to DPS the other Prototype until the one you're DPSing shields himself at which point you will need to switch to the other one.

Keep switching back and forth between both Prototypes until they're both dead. Other than that bland strategy it's a simple tank and spank fight.

Drops a Green Item and a Corellia Commendation.

Fourth Boss - HK - 47

This is one of the more annoying bosses of the instance as he has some seriously high damaging abilities that will make you almost poop your pants when they happen. He is really just a simple tank and spank excluding the few abilities he has that I'll name below.

Burst: His high damaging ability that deals quite a bit of damage, usually 3/4 of a persons health. He uses this ability on the target he Grapples immediately after grappling them. Use any damage reduction ability immediately after being grappled to help lower the damage done by Burst.

Grapple: He pulls in a random person and then uses burst on them.

Bomb: A random party member will get a light blue circle underneath them. When this happens they will want to run far out of the group until it goes red and then get out of it. A few seconds after it goes red HK - 47 drops a bomb in the circle doing AoE damage to anyone standing in it.

Once HK - 47 gets below half health he starts using new abilities

Stealth: He will go invisible for a few seconds before appearing next to someone and using a Poison Grenade DoT on them.

Poison Grenade: This, on normal mode, is a very weak DoT that can be outhealed or cleansed off of the target. On Hardmode this is a life threatening DoT that needs to be cleansed immediately.

Hardmode: An additional ability that Hk - 47 does on Hardmode aside from the Poison Grenade is he has two Turrets that assist him in the fight. They don't do much damage and can be ignored mostly (from what I've read -- Not enough good players on my server to do this instance on Hardmode yet -_-)

Drops a Weapon

Fifth Boss - Chondrus Berani

Tank and Spank

Drops a Green and Corellia Commendation

Sixth Boss - (Bonus Boss) Sith Entity

This boss is fairly easy; when you first engage the boss it will be a simple tank and spank but around 75% he will split into three adds. From what I've seen two of them seem to always be melee and the third is a ranged that shoots lightning bolts at the group. Once you kill all three of them you will fight the boss until 50% where the adds come out again. Kill them and then fight the boss again until 25%, kill the adds and then you can burn the boss down the rest of the way. Then you win!

Drops - (Will update)

Final Boss - Darth Malgus

Grab the grenade outside the room before you engage this boss!

This is the final boss of False Emperor and the most challenging (duh!) for this boss you will want to tank him on the staircase which he runs down at the very start with your tanks back to either one of the walls. The reason for this is because his knockback can be fatal if you're standing by the edge. You'll get blown right off. This boss has a few unique abilities throughout the fight which you will want to know about; each of them are listed below.

Force Choke: He will grip up the whole group aside from one person and 1 v 1 them for about 10 seconds. If you can't take the hits by yourself you will want to kite the boss. A good strategy for this is to run up the stairs and jump over the ledge (Don't jump off the ledge and to your death wayyy down below) You will know this ability is coming because it will announce in big red letters on everyone's screen that the player he is going to 1 v 1 mind is filling with doubt.

Knockback: He will shoot a player about 50 yards back, keep your backs against the wall!

AoE (Ultimate Power): He does an AoE ability that is interruptable, I can't remember the name but he extends both of his arms outward and floats a few feet off of the ground. You must interrupt this or it does severe damage to everyone in range. Apparently in hardmode this ability will hit the whole group if not interrupted not just people in range.

At 15% you will want to drag Darth Malgus over to one of the ledges and wait until he starts casting Force Lightning on everyone in the group and goes completely immune to damage. This is your queue for everyone to use their grenades and blow Darth Malgus off the ledge to kill him. Usually this is your only way to kill him, there have been some groups that kill him during his final "Force Choke" by getting lucky but it's rare and not a reliable way to defeat this boss.

If your grenades don't do the trick by knocking him over the ledge Force Wave and all other AoE knockbacks work just as well. Troopers and Consulars get them (I'm unsure what Imperial classes get them but I'd assume the say archetypes).

Drops Via his chest - Chest gear