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Ilum Farming

Ilum is currently the final planet in the game for all Republic and Imperial players. This planet is home to all level 50 content, most of which is too difficult for players badly geared to take on solo. You will be able to find multiple dailies here for both Republic and Imperial factions as well as tons of materials for all gathering crew skills. In otherwords, once you're max level, this is the planet you should be expecting to spend 75% of your time on. Belsavis will be the planet you spend the rest of your time on.

Since there is so much information for Ilum I decided to section off all of the guides to provide you with the easiest to find information.

Ilum Republic Chest Farming

Ilum Republic Archaeology Path



You will be starting at the Republic Base Camp in southeastern Ilum. To will want to follow the blue line around this map for the most efficient path for farming Archaeology materials. If you are having a hard time seeing the map click to enlarge it.