Belsavis Grade 5 & 6 Bioanalysis Materials Farming

Belsavis Bioanalysis Farming Path

Belsavis is home to a lot of the daily quests at max level and for that reason, as you could imagine it has a fair amount of high level mobs to kill. For the Republic our main daily quest hub on Belsavis is as far north as you can go in "The Tomb" area. Our town up here is called "Oasis Republic Post" and the whole area around this outpost is where you'll be farming. You can see a few different blue lines on the map which is above, they form a bit of a circle and an awkward "X". The circle is the main circuit I recommend following and the two lines of the "X" are where I frequently cut across to gather the materials throughout the middle.

As aforementioned you will be finding all Grade 5 and Grade 6 materials here. There will be much more to find than just Bioanalysis materials, there are also a ton of Scavenging, Slicing and Archaeology nodes, if you have those professions. But this guide is for Bioanalysis, there will be other guides for those Crew Skills. What I do when farming Bioanalysis materials here is run around the whole area (following the blue circle) and skoop up all the materials around the edge. After doing this I start to cut through the middle areas and gather up everything I see in there.

You'll find a ton of nodes doing this but if anyone else is here (which there is a good chance of) you will have about 5 minutes of no nodes every 10 minutes or so. Don't worry though, I figured out a way around this. There are large lizard mobs all around this area, a picture of one of them is below.

Released Primeval Hunter

At first you may be like, so? These mobs can actually be... gathered from I guess would be the appropriate word. After you kill them if you have 400 Bioanalysis you will be able to gather their body up as if they were a gathering node! Only the Strong and Elite mobs you will be able to gather, in other words the Silver and Gold cons. I've found it best to run the normal circuit around Belsavis and stop for these mobs whenever you see them. The Silver (strong) ones you will always want to stop to kill since they're easy but the gold you can be more selective depending on how many nodes you've been seeing.

Bioanalysis Grade 5 Materials

Psychoactive CompoundPsychoactive Compound

Red GooRed Goo

Parasitic MicroorganismParasitic Microorganism

Nutrient GelNutrient Gel

Quick-Growth AgentQuick-Growth Agent

Bioanalysis Grade 6 Materials

Immunity Cell CultureImmunity Cell Culture

Mutagenic PasteMutagenic Paste

Neurochemical Extract Neurochemical Extract