Pale Rakling

The Pale Rakling is a vanity pet which comes from Jeelvic, the Rakghoul World Event vendor for 60 Rakghoul DNA Samples. If you aren't familiar with how to get these Rakghoul DNA Samples I strongly urge that you visit my Rakghoul World Event Guide and read up there. This whole event is covered in great detail on that page! All this page here is going to do for you is show you cute little pictures of the Pale Rakling pet!

Also you will be able to see pictures of the Crimson Rakling pet further down the page

The Pale Rakling Stare

Pale Rakling Growl

Pale Rakling!

Pale Rakling

The Pale Rakling Doing His Jump Animation:

Pale Rakling Jumping

The Pale Rakling Next to Risha

Pale Rakling Size

The Crimson Rakling (Coming Soon)