Tython Datacron Locations (Republic Only)

Endurance DatacronEndurance +2 Datacron

Coordinates: X -33, Y -35

There are two ways for players to snatch up this Datacron, the first and easiest way is for them to travel through the long cave which starts at -38, -28. The second and harder way is to scale the rocks in front of the datacron and retrieve it using that method. If you want to see many different screenshots of how to locate this Datacron click here.

Willpower DatacronWillpower +2 Datacron

Coordinates: X -640, Y 36

This Datacron is located on the western side of the map in the Ruins of Kaleth. You can find the Datacron on the hill at the base of a statue around X: -640, Y: 36. Despite the location of the Datacron, the path you want to take to locate it begins at X: -648, Y: 4. You will be using the knocked over column here to climb up and into the Upper Kaleth area. If you're having difficulty with this use the little sliver of pillar to reach the Datacron, ignore the large chunk at the top. From here the path should be clear on how to reach the Datacron, if it is not you can use screenshots on this page.

Blue Matrix Shard DatacronBlue Matrix Shard Datacron

Coordinates: X -92, Y 94

This Datacron is located in the southern Forge of Remnants. To reach this Datacron you will need to work your way through The Forge of Remnants in a southwestern direction until you find a gap in the ruins (Screenshots 1 & 2). After passing through this gap you will want to continue west and pass through the second gap (Screenshots 3 & 4). From here the path is pretty much laid out for you, finding the Datacron will be a breeze. Final coordinates of the Datacron: X -92, Y 94