Taris Strength Datacron Location

This Datacron unlocks the codex entry - Galactic History 25: Two Rivals

This datacron holds unheard of power and knowledge collected by an ancient race. You access its power and discover writings which are clearly only one small piece of a massive galactic history:

As the Sith Empire grew in power, few Sith inspired such fear as Marka Ragnos, a tyrant who ruled for a century. His death created a power vacuum, leaving the Sith Lords Ludo Kressh and Naga Sadow vying for supremacy.

During Marka Ragnos's funeral on Korriban, Sadow and Kressh fought a duel, each claiming he was more fit to be Dark Lord of the Sith--the then-unique title of the Empire's ultimate ruler. But the spirit of Ragnos himself appeared, claiming a golden age of the Sith was coming. Moments later, the funeral assembly was alerted: A Republic ship had been captured.

The ship belonged to two hyperspace explorers, the siblings Gav and Jori Daragon, who had stumbled on Korriban. As the Sith Council debated the Daragons' fate, Naga Sadow saw opportunity. The hyperspace routes leading to the Republic had been lost; the Daragons were his chance to rediscover them.

How To Retrieve This Datacron

Coordinates: X 1187, Y -136

This Datacron is located in Transport Station 5 which is in far eastern Taris. If you're having difficulty finding it, it's in one of the last areas you had quests for on Taris before the bonus chain. If you're still confused take a look at Screenshots 1 & 2 below. Once you find Transport Station 5 you'll want to run all the way through the tunnels far into the northwestern section. Once you come out into the large square room you can pretty much see the Datacron and where you'll be in a few minutes! (Screenshot 3)

To get to the Datacron all you need to do is run across the small pipe nearby (Screenshot 4) and jump to the Datacron's adjacent platform. From here one final jump to the Datacrons platform and you're all done!

Transport Station 5 Entrance Location
A picture of where you'll need to go to reach Transport Station 5.

Taris Strength Datacron Screenshot Guide
The entrance cave to Transport Station 5. Picture of where this is, is on the map above.

Taris Strength Datacron Screenshot Guide
You can see the Datacron in the distance here.

Taris Strength Datacron Screenshot Guide
Follow this pipe to reach the Strength Datacron.

Taris Strength Datacron
Taris Strength Datacron up close and personal.

Taris Strength Datacron location on the map
Taris Strength Datacron location on the map.