Nar Shaddaa Yellow Matrix Shard Datacron Location

This Datacron unlocks the Codex Entry - Galactic History 36: The Quarren-Mon Calamari War

This datacron holds unheard of power and knowledge collected by an ancient race. You access its power and discover writings which are clearly only one small piece of a massive galactic history:

Although the Quarren and Mon Calamari both evolved on the watery world of Dac, it was millennia before the two species encountered each other. Unfortunately, initial contact went badly and the Quarren declared war. The Mon Calamari had a technological and intellectual advantage, but the Quarren repeatedly refused any overtures of peace. Eventually, the Quarren were driven to near-extinction.

But the Mon Calamari had no wish to exterminate their cousins. In a bold social experiment, the Mon Calamari took young Quarren into their society and taught them civilization, mathematics and the sciences. When these young Quarren returned to their people, they had nothing in common with their primitive fellows. Within twenty years, they had become the dominant force in Quarren society, and eventually sought peace with the Mon Calamari.

How To Retrieve This Datacron

Coordinates: X 1783 , -1545

WARNING: You need the Slot Decoder item that you get right after collecting the Cunning +3 Datacron on Nar Shaddaa. If you do not have this item you will not be able to get this Datacron.

This Datacron is located in the High Security Sector of Nar Shaddaa. To get here fly to the Lower Industrial Sector in southwestern Nar Shaddaa and make your way through the Imperial Intelligence Gadget Warehouse. In the southeastern corner of the Warehouse you'll find an elevator that says "Systech East Elevator" (Screenshot 1). Take this elevator to the High Security Lockdown section. To reach the Network Security District you need to go to the far northern end of the High Security Sector (Screenshot 2).

The area you need to go to in order to start this Datacron hunt is in the center of the Network Security District. Here you will find a set of crates that you need to climb ontop of to begin this hunt (Screenshot 3 & 4). From the creates you need to jump from crate to crate until you make it ontop of the really large crate (Screenshot 5). From this crate you will be able to see a set of pipes right in front of you, as you could guess you will need to jump up onto them and continue north jumping from pipe to pipe from crate back to pipe.

Where I am standing in (Screenshot 6) is where you will want to end up after jumping up all of the pipes. If you're having trouble jumping from pipe to pipe start jumping on a diagonal. Jumping on a diagonal always works because you actually can run a few inches before jumping. Once uptop you're pretty much already at the Datacron. What you want to do is run across the upper level until you reach the Datacron, which is where you will notice something...

The Datacron is locked in the prize machine, which won't be a problem if you have the Slot Decoder item that I mentioned before which can be found next to the Cunning +3 Datacron. Using the Slot Decoder unlocks the Slot Machine and gives you immediate access to the Datacron. So, right click the Slot Machine and claim your prize!

Elevator to the High Security Sector
The elevator you need to take in order to reach the High Security Sector which will lead you to the Network Security District.

Network Security District location
The way you want to go in the High Security Sector to reach the Network Security District.

Nar Shaddaa Yellow Matrix Shard Screenshot Guide
The first set of crates you need to jump ontop of to reach this Datacron.

Nar Shaddaa Yellow Matrix Shard Screenshot Guide
Location of these crates on the map.

Nar Shaddaa Yellow Matrix Shard Screenshot Guide
The few pipes and platforms you need to jump across to reach this Datacron.

Nar Shaddaa Yellow Matrix Shard Screenshot Guide
The top of the area, almost at the Datacron. You'll be here after you finish all the jumping.

Yellow Matrix Shard Datacron
The Yellow Matrix Shard Datacron up close.

Yellow Matrix Shard Datacron on the map
Yellow Matrix Shard Datacron on the map.