Rimworld Guides and Walkthroughs



What is the best way to get steel mid to late game?


How do I reduce an animals wildness so I can train them?


How do I reduce my colony's wealth?


Why are my colonists not storing the items where I tell them to?

- Make sure Allow Rotten and Fresh are checked


How do I stop colonists from taking meals into their inventory?


How do I get more Components?


How to stop colonists from going on mental breaks when they return from a caravan?


How do I make colonists attack enemies instead of fleeing?


How do I make colonists fight back when attacked?


What are the mandatory rooms I should make in my colony?


I bought items from a caravan but I can't find them? Where are they?


How can I get wood in Arid/Desert Maps?


How do I convert someone to a different ideology?


How do I turn off Ideologies?


How do I increase my Tech level?