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Hospitals are very important buildings for you to make for your colony in Rimworld. When you first start the game you'll probably use spare bedrooms for Medical purposes when your colonists get hurt... but once you've unlocked Hospital Beds, Vital Monitors and Sterile Flooring/Walls with Researching you'll want to make a specific building to work as your Hospital.

The location of your Hospital is extremely important for multiple reasons. First reason is when your colonists are injured you want to get them to this location ASAP. For this reason putting your Hospital near the Killbox/entrance of your base is typically recommended since this is where they'll most often get hurt when it comes to defending your base.

Another thing you want near your Hospital is your Kitchen - If you use the Rimfridge mod you can negate this need entirely. Just put a fridge inside the Hospital that way patients can get out of bed and grab food or so your Doctor doesn't have to travel very far to get it. Having a Hospital that's too far away from food will cause injured colonists to starve as they wait for food. Or it will cause your Doctor to waste tons of time bringing them food. Worst case scenario some patients will end up not fed then they'll get out of bed and slow down their recovery time (or collapse) as they hobble over to the Kitchen.