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One of the first and most important rooms for you to make in Rimworld is a Freezer. Typically the first freezer I make in Rimworld is a temporary one to get me through years 1 and 2. After my colony starts getting larger and I have expanded my base a bit I either upgrade my freezer or I make a new one in a different place.

The size of your freezer depends on whether or not you're using any mods and whether or not this is your first or second freezer. I strongly recommend you download an Increase Stack Size mod otherwise you're going to have to make your freezer twice the size it needs to be. Items in the base game only stack to 75 which is far too low and unrealistic for me. A single fine meal takes about 15 food to make which will be 1/5th a stack of food in the base game.

I played the base game of Rimworld with no mods for about 300hrs and I typically burned through an entire freezer of food every single winter. Your experience will vary depending on the difficulty you're playing on and how many days out of the year you're able to grow food. Something I would recommend you do to make the game more enjoyable is go into 'Options' and under 'Storyteller Settings' change the Harvest Yield to 150% and Butchering Yield to 200%.

Unless you are playing Rimworld for an extremely unrealistic and brutal experience that is more likely to frustrate and annoy you than give you enjoyment - turn up the Harvest Yield and Butchering Yield. To give you an example of how unrealistic it is - butchering a Cow will give you about 1 days worth of food for 1 Colonist. I personally prefer things to be a little more realistic than that which is why I mess with the yields.

A screenshot of my yield values in Options.

With all that information out of the way, let's take a look at a few of the different freezers I have made in Rimworld. My very first freezer typically varies in size but I always make it at least 10 x 10 and my freezer is always connected to the kitchen. There are a few more things you need to keep in mind when making the freezer, I have created a list of each below.

1st Freezer Build Rules:

1. At least 10 x 10 (use the plan tool to check the size)
2. Connected to the Kitchen and outside
3. Walls should be doubled to insulate the room
4. You need a hallway that connects the freezer to the outside and the kitchen so as little cold air escapes as possible when you enter and exit
5. Make the freezer close to your gardens so there is very little travel time

2nd Freezer Build Rules:

1. Same as everything above except you should build the freezer near your residential area and Hydroponics garden instead of your outside garden

Early game Freezer, Kitchen, Butchering Room & Corpse Freezer.