All Boons & Where To Get Them - Outward

This page will contain a list of all the Boons in Outward along with information about where and how you can obtain them. Boons are buffs in Outward which will typically increase your resistances and damage of a specific type depending on which Boon you use. A lot of the Boons have additional uses as well, like increasing your Hot or Cold Weather Defense or allowing you to use different skills.

Some of the Boons like Enrage, Call to Elements and Focus have different uses than the others. Enrage will increase the Impact Damage of your attacks, Focus will give you the Discipline Boon which increases the physical damage of your attacks and last but not least Call to Elements will give you a random Boon depending on your location.

Below this paragraph you'll find a quick list of every single Boon in the game as well as where you can obtain it and from which NPC. If you need additional information about each Boon I recommend you check the section at the bottom of this page as that will provide more detailed information.

Cool Boon: The Cool Boon can be purchased from the Second Watcher in the Conflux Chambers. You can reach the Conflux Chambers by going through any of the 3 dungeons in Conflux Mountain of Chersonese.

Possessed Boon: The Possessed Boon can be obtained from the Friendly Immaculate who is found in the Immaculate's Cave/Camp in any of the game's regions. When speaking to the Friendly Immaculate ask him for power and he will give you this Boon.

Warm Boon: The Warm Boon can be purchased from Smooth the Tailor in Levant. You can find Smooth the Tailor in the northern portion of Levant.

Blessed Boon: The Blessed Boon can be purchased from Mofat in the city of Monsoon. You can find Mofat in the western portion of this city, he's marked on your map.

Mist Boon: The Mist Boon is purchased from Cyril Turnbull in the city of Berg. You can find Cyril inside the Blue Chamber building in the northern portion of Berg.

Discipline Boon: The Focus Skill applies the Discipline Boon on your character when used. You can purchase Focus from Galira, the Warrior Monk Trainer, in Monsoon.

Rage Boon: The Enrage Skill applies the Rage Boon on your character when used. You can purchase the Enrage Skill from Ture, Wild Hunter Trainer, in Berg.

Call to Elements: The Call to Elements skill applies a random Boon on your character depending on where it is used. Call to Elements can be purchased from Adalbert the Hermit in northeastern Chersonese.