Kingdoms of Amalur Leveling Guide

Leveling up in Kingdoms of Amalur is much like almost all MMO games out there. You go from town to town picking up all of the quests available to you, run around for awhile and complete them all before returning to town and turning them all in. While doing these quests you will gain XP from killing the mobs as well as doing other things such as finding Lorestones or using your reckoning abilities and getting an XP multiplier.

Since everything else is pretty generic aside from the Reckoning system, this is what the majority of my guide will be about. The reckoning system in Kingdoms of Amalur is a well known system, semi reminding me of Devil May Cry. What happens is as you run around and kill stuff your Fate meter fills. Once it completely fills you are able to enter reckoning. Reckoning increases the damage you deal by a massive amount and slows time all around you. The fate bar will slowly go down as you spend more time in reckoning.

The objective of this mode is to "knock out " as many enemies as possible and then execute the finisher on whatever mob you want. You will have some flashy scene followed a little circle which has you spam Mouse 1, Mouse 2 or Spacebar. This is the key moment and the most important part of reckoning. Click as fast as you possibly can or spam spacebar as much as you possibly can.

There are four stages at which you can be, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. You will obviously want to go for 100% every time but if you miss it occasionally don't stress. When it comes to using reckoning you will want as many mobs as possible around you, using it on just 1 mob is a complete waste. The more mobs, the more XP and the higher your multiplier. The best mobs to use reckoning on are mobs that con light red (orange to some) in large packs. On this page you can find a level chart of the game broken down, this may assist you if you want to find mobs much higher level than you.

Reckoning Mode Tips

- Find the biggest pack of high grossing XP mobs to use this ability on. (Higher the level of the mobs the more XP)

- As aformentioned try and find high level mobs

- Animals such as Bears, Rats and Wolves and some Spiders can not have reckoning mode used on them. They simply die and don't allow the end combo

- Be sure to loot any Essence of Fates that drop from the mobs you kill while in reckoning mode. These can be used to make Fate Potions which automatically fill your fate bar.

Those are the main tips that come to mind for when you trigger reckoning mode. Any more will be added as they are discovered while I continue to play through Kingdoms of Amalur.

If you want to power through most of the content of the game and level as quickly as humanly possible your best bet is by simply grinding mobs and using reckoning mode as much as possible on the largest and highest level mob packs you come across.


Odarath 1 - 5

Glendara 5 - 7

Lorca-Rane 7 - 11

Webwood 12 - 17

The Sidhe 17 - 19

Desert Area

Alserund 19 - 20

The Red Marches 20 - 21

The Hollowlands 21 - 22

Menetyre 22 - 23

Apotyre 23 - 24

Plains of Erathel

The Wolds 24 - 25

Forsaken Plain 25 - 26

Galafor 25 - 26

Tywili Coast 26 - 28

Kandrian 26 - 28

Tala-Rane 26 - 28

Cradle of Summer 27 - 28