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Making Money with Mining Locations & Guide - Kenshi

Copper Resource Outside Squin

One of the most well known ways to make money in Kenshi, especially during the early game, is through mining. There are two types of ore that you can mine in Kenshi, Copper and Iron. Copper is worth a lot more than Iron but it's also (usually) harder to find a Copper Deposit than it is to find an Iron Deposit. If you're just starting out in Kenshi the best places to mine and make a lot of money are outside Squin and Sho-Battai.

When you first start the game depending on what game mode you choose you'll begin in different places. Wanderer (the default gameplay mode) starts you out in The Hub which is a hop-skip and a jump away from Squin. However, if you choose something like Empire Citizen, The Wandering Trader, Rock Bottom or Guy with a Dog you'll be much closer to Sho-Battai (in some cases even start in Sho-Battai).

These two towns in my opinion are the best for starting out with this method due to the close proximity of a mine. You can mine outside of town and keep an eye out for enemies then make a run for town if anyone gets close enough to be a threat. If you can get to Squin in my opinion that is by far the better of the two locations but Sho-Battai will work fine too if that's closer.

Note: When reading about this method on Google you may learn that there is a mine inside Squin which makes this method even easier, however this mine has been removed from the game and no longer exists.

Below I have included locations of both Squin and Sho-Battai to show you all of the nearby mines. If you'd like to get more information about both of these locations and see them in videos then follow the links provided. Learn more about the Squin Mining Locations or learn more about the Sho-Battai Mining Locations.

On the bottom of this page I have included some other good locations for mining just outside of a town like the Copper Deposits outside of Bad Teeth.

Sho-Battai Copper Mining
Multiple Copper Mines North of Sho-Battai

Squin Mining Map Locations
Squin - Nearby Mining Locations.


Skinners Roam Copper Mines
Bad Teeth - Nearby Copper Mines