Guild Wars 2 Chef Guide

The Chef Profession in Guild Wars 2 allows players to create food consumables which buff the player's character in many different ways. You can get food that increases your Power, Critical hit chance, damage, Magic Find, Gold Find and the list goes on almost endlessly. It's a great profession to have and is one of the most commonly chosen professions in the game. At this current point being a Chef doesn't turn that much of a profit but within a year or so after the game's release and everyone starts learning about how amazing the food is Chef's usefulness will skyrocket.

Players can choose a profession by speaking with that profession's master tradeskiller who can be found in any of the major towns of GW2 (Lion's Arch, Divinity's Reach, Hoelbrak etc etc). Approach the master tradeskiller and select the "Please teach me to be a <Profession Name>." Option to select a Tradeskill. speaking to the profession master and learning the profession you will be able to make items via that profession through whatever tradeskill table belongs to it. For example, Artificer's use Artificing Tables, Chef's use a Cooking Station and an Armorsmith uses an Armorsmithing Station.

You will be able to drop and pick up any professions with all your recipes intact and at the same exact skill you dropped it at any time by visiting the master tradeskill trainer of whatever profession you would like to pick back up.

Cooking 1 - 100

Ball of Dough 1 - 25

Bottle of Simple Dressing 25 - 50

Ball of Cookie Dough 50 - 75

Bowl of White Frosting 50 - 75

Bowl of Roux 75 - 100

Cooking 100 - 200

Bowl of Chocolate Frosing 100 - 125

Chocolate Cherry 125 - 150

Grape Pie 175 - 200

Bowl of Meat and Cabbage Stew 200 - 225

Roasted Rutabaga 225 - 250

Jar of Orange Sauce 250 - 275

Bowl of Blackberry Pie Filling & Blackberry Pie 275 - 300

Cooking 300 - 400

Peach Cookie 300 - 325

Roasted Artichoke325 - 350

Peach Tart 350 - 375

Bowl of Peach Pie Filling & Peach Pie 375 - 400