List of Karma Vendors in Guild Wars 2

Karma is a form of currency in Guild Wars 2 that is earned through completing events in the game. It is used to purchase powerful weapons and armor as well as many other different types of items and goodies. There are tons of Karma vendors throughout the entire game and since there really are no databases of them all or a long list of the items you can get I decided to put together my own guide. I'm not going to go over every single Karma vendor in the game but I am going to go over the important ones.

First, let's take a look at the most popular Karma vendors in the game. These vendors sell exotic gear for Karma. There are 6 different locations you can buy Exotic gear for Karma in Orr, the most common of these locations is the Gates of Arah in The Cursed Shore. The others are much harder to reach since they are very frequently contested. Below is a list of all 6 of these locations including the zone and the Waypoint/closest area.

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Exotic Gear Karma Vendors

Straits of Devastation - Cathedral of Glorious Victory

Malchor's Leap - Cathedral of Zephyrs

Malchor's Leap - Cathedral of Eternal Radiance

Cursed Shore - Cathedral of Verdance

Cursed Shore - Cathedral of Silence

Cursed Shore - Gates of Arah

In order for the Karma vendor to be available here you will need to free the location from being contested. Usually this will take a large group to do or a well organized small group. As aforementioned the only one almost always available is the one at the Gates of Arah. Now with the Karma Armor vendors out of the way we can take a real close look at the miscellaneous Karma vendors. Below are some Karma vendors that will sell you materials used in everyday playing.

It's not that big of a deal to buy these items but if you got a lot of Karma piling up and are short on cash these will save you a small amount of money in a pinch.

Orichalcum Harvesting Sickle - Lightbringer Ives (Caer Shadowfain Waypoint) in Cursed Shore

Orichalcum Logging Axe - Tactician Almonia (Penitent Camp) in Cursed Shore

As far as an Orichalcum Mining Pick being sold by a Karma vendor goes I have not seen one. Kind of odd that you can buy a Logging Axe and a Harvest Sickle but no Mining Pick, wouldn't you agree?

Now with the miscellaneous vendors out of the way lets look at what probably brought you to this page, the long list of cooking materials you can purchase with Karma. Before I dive into this list it is important to remember that a lot of these vendors are unlocked by first completing the quest they have available. This means you'll have to fill up their heart before being able to purchase their goods. Each of these items costs the same amount of Karma regardless which of the vendors you go too.

I only list more than one vendor for people that haven't completed all the quests and are feeling extra lazy. Also each of the bulk bags you buy contain 25 of whatever item it is you're buying.

Almonds in Bulk

Harathi Hinterlands - Lieutenant Pickins

Dredgehaunt Cliffs - Disa

Apples in Bulk

Queensdale - Farmer Eda

Avocados in Bulk

Fields of Ruin - Fallen Angel Makayla

Bananas in Bulk

Kessex Hills - Deputy Jenks

Kessex Hills - Sangdo Swiftwing

Brisban Wildlands - Seraph Soldier Goran

Gendarran Fields - Security Captain Vejj

Black Beans in Bulk

Kessex Hills - Deputy Jenks

Gendarran Fields - Field Medic Leius

Celery Stalks in Bulk

Wayfarer Foothills - Bjarni

Gendarran Fields - Milton Book

Cherries in Bulk

Harathi Hinterlands - Lieutenant Summers

Dredgehaunt Cliffs - Disa

Chickpeas in Bulk

Iron Marches - Naknar

Coconuts in Bulk

Bloodtide Coast - Lionscout Tunnira

Cumin in Bulk

Plains of Ashford - Sagum Relicseeker

Gendarran Fields - Milton Book

Eggplant in Bulk

Mount Maelstrom - Environmental Activist Jenrys

Green Beans in Bulk

Wayfarer Foothills - Albin Chronicler

Horseradish Root in Bulk

Sparkfly Fen - Laudren

Fireheart Rise - Wupwup Chief

Kidney Beans in Bulk

Snowden Drifts - Seraph Archer Brian

Diessa Plateau - Kastaz Strongpaw

Lornar's Pass - Hune

Lemons in Bulk

Caledon Forest - Eona

Metrica Province - Researcher Hrappa

Gendarran Fields - Milton Book

Limes in Bulk

Blazeridge Steppes - Shelp

Mangos in Bulk

Straits of Devastation - Agent Crandle

Nutmeg Seeds in Bulk

Queensdale - Farmer Eda

Kessex Hills - Deputy Jenks

Gendarran Fields - Milton Book

Peaches in Bulk

Fireheart Rise - Nrocroc Chief

Pears in Bulk

Iron Marches - Braxa Scalehunter

Pinenuts in Bulk

Timberline Falls - Scholar Tholin

Shallots in Bulk

Timberline Falls - Ichtaca

Master Chef Ingredients (Purchase from any Master Chef)

Cheese Wedges in Bulk

Buttermilk in Bulk

Yeast in Bulk

Rice in Bulk

Sour Cream in Bulk

Tomatoes in Bulk

Ginger Root in Bulk

Basil Leaves in Bulk

Bell Peppers in Bulk

Looking for an item that isn't listed here? Please Email me at [email protected] and let me know about it so I can add it!