Dredgehaunt Cliffs Farming Guide

Believe it or not Dredgehaunt Cliffs is a great place for players to farm even at level 80. Dredgehaunt Cliffs is home to a lot of Gold Ore veins and Saplings that will give you Seasoned Wood Logs when gathering from them. Both of these items have a sell price equal to or sometimes greater than Mithril Ore and Elder Wood Logs (the level 80 equivalent to Gold/Seasoned Wood). And since Dredgehaunt Cliffs is a level 40 - 50 zone if you're level 80 you should be able to tear through this zone laughing at how easy everything here is.

As far as other loot here goes you will definitely want to kill any mobs that attack you while you're running around gathering. The level 40 rare crafting materials sell for almost as much as the level 80 ones do. I am not sure what caused the market to be so wacky in this area but I highly recommend you take advantage of it while you still can or before someone else does.

Now Farming Dredgehaunt Cliffs is extremely simple. Here's what you do. Ready? Good. Run around and gather all the materials you see! No really, it sounds extremely lame and simplistic but that really is all there is too farming here. Since each time the servers restart or reset all of the node's spawn locations change it makes it almost impossible to get a good set in stone farming path for the whole zone. So instead you mine as well just run around aimlessly picking up everything you come across.

Be sure to grab everything you see while running around. Iron, Gold, Saplings, Young Herbs, Scallions anything, all of it is worth really good money, usually more than anything you'll be gathering up at max level!

That covers just about all of the loot you'll be getting here that sells well on the Auction House. Of course you'll get other stuff like Heads of Garlic, Rutabaga, Turnips, Beats and the like but there are the best items I could find to compare to the items you can find in the level 80 zones. Now that you know most of the goodies you'll be finding here it is time to take a look at the path I recommend for farming in this zone. Let me start off by saying that the node spawn locations in zones is constantly changing.

Each time a server is reset or comes down the spawn locations change. For this reason there is no best path or even one solid path you can follow. However I have found locations in this zone where it seems no matter what nodes are plentiful there and other locations where it seems no matter what, you won't find crap. So while I can't tell you run along X path and collect X I can tell you where to look and where not to look. Here is a picture of the northern farming route I use through Dredgehaunt Cliffs.

Dredgehaunt Cliffs Gathering Route

It's pretty easy to follow, just avoid the areas I say to avoid and gather in the areas that are plentiful with nodes. Now of course there are nodes in other areas that aren't listed on the map and just because they aren't listed doesn't mean you should avoid them. I'm meerly pointing out the locations that have a ton of nodes at all times. Anyway, now you know all of the locations in Northern Dredgehaunt Cliffs, it is time we take a closer look at southern Dredgehaunt.

While I have found there aren't as many nodes in southern Dredgehaunt as there are in northern, it is still very much worth it to come down this way and gather up what you see.

25 Minutes of farming loot:

Dredgehaunt Cliffs An Hour of Farming

Other Valuable Gatherables

Black Peppercorn

Rosemary Sprig