Frostgorge Skelk & Arctodus Farming Location (Vial of Potent Blood & Large Fang)

Alpine Skelk

The Skelks and Arctodus' are one of the many great farming locations you'll come across in Frostgorge Sound. If you've ever killed Skelks before then you probably already know that they have a great drop rate on a lot of rare crafting materials used in all different professions. At this farming location you will commonly find Vials of Potent Blood, Large Fangs, and less commonly drop Vial of Powerful Blood, and Vicious Fangs. Now if you're familiar with Skelks at all, which you should be, you will know that they're a tad bit annoying to kill.

Skelks Shadowstep to their target, going Stealth for a brief few seconds and then attacking their target again. It is quite annoying to deal with but well worth it for the goodies that they drop. The Arctodus bears Maul but that is nothing but a little bit extra damage to their attack. Really nothing to worry about if you are level 80. In other words this location is extremely easy to farm, you shouldn't die a single time here even if your gear is complete and utter crap.

Now to reach this farming location what you will want to do is port to the Blue Ice Shining Waypoint in southwestern Frostgorge Sound. Below is a picture of the Waypoint in relation to the farming location which is circled in blue on my map.

Frostgorge Skelk & Arctodus Farming Location

Around the Skelk you can find an event that commonly happens to the south involving Dredge and the Ice bridge leading to the Kodan area. You can join in on this event at any time it is up if you would like. The Dredge commonly drop sacks for you to open (similar to the Miner's Sacks they dropped in Dredgehaunt and the Heavy Moldy Bags you get from Malchor's/Cursed). As far as gathering nodes go you will barely find any here. There are a few around of course but nothing really ever worth noting from what I have seen.

At this location you should expect to make about 1g an hour depending on how much Magic Find you have and all of the goodies you find of course. I highly recommend you buy some Omnomberry Bars for when you come here. They will increase your Magic Find by 30% increasing the amount of goodies you find.

Secondary Skelk Farming Area

I stumbled onto this location awhile after discovering the first little Skelk encampment to the southwest in Frostgorge Sound. This one has much higher level Skelks (they're level 79 up here and your level is not lowered while you're up here fighting them). Since these Skelks are higher level than the other ones they will have a much better chance of dropping a Vial of Powerful Blood. It seems as if their drop rate on Vial of Potent Blood is the same as the aforementioned camp though. Since drops are all luck though, who knows, maybe I just got unlucky up here and the drop rate is better.

This camp of Skelks is really easy to reach, much like the other one. The closest waypoint is Watchful Waypoint which is just to the south of here. It's usually always contested though so you'll most likely have to port in at Honor of the Waves Waypoint or the Slough of Despond Waypoint. Whichever one is not contested. As for events in this area, none are really worth hoping in on, I saw one in the water but really no one ever does the events up this way.

Frostgorge Skelk Farming Location