Cursed Shore Events Farming Guide

If you have ever been to The Cursed Shore you probably know about "the events" that are farmed literally 24/7 by players in search of gold. These events take place in the central area of The Cursed Shore on the far eastern side of the zone, just north of Arah's entrance basically. Here there are two events, one is at Penitent Camp to the north and another at Shelter's Gate to the south. Both of these events go off one after another and refresh it seems to be roughly ever 20 minutes.

There are sporadic periods though where both start at the same time or even sometimes where it starts again within 5 minutes after it ends. The key to these events is simple, AoE. From what I have found you will have a much better chance to get loot at the southern event. There are much less people here and a bigger area to AoE than just one small area. The northern event is Penitent Camp. Here the Risen zombies run in and try to destroy the camp.

The southern event is Shelter's Gate. Here Risen Wraiths, Spiders as well as Zombies attack the camp, wanting to over take it. These two events are amazing to farm but there is a period of about 10 minutes when both of these events are down and you would have nothing to farm. In this case you can head south to Jofast's Waypoint where there is always an active risen attack to defend against. Or if the event is up at Verdance Waypoint to the west you can head there.

Or there are also attacks that commonly happen as well as a whole huge amount of common events inbetween these two events and Gavbeorn's Waypoint and R & D Waypoint to the northwest. Of course you can also just run around and gather nodes during these two events. Warning though porting back can be impossible if both of the events are going on at once. You'll have to run from Jofast or Caer Shadowfain Waypoints.

Cursed Shore Event Locations (All events in the zone)

Cursed Shore Plinx Event (Second best event to Farm)

Shelter's Gate Camp & Penitent Camp Event Video Guide

Reward from each Event Completion

Event Completion

Penitent Camp Event

Penitent Camp Event

This in my opinion is the harder of the two events to get a lot of loot for. There are always a ton more people at this event and the zombies that attack the town are invulnerable until a certain point. Once they reach this point the AoE of all the players drops them so fast it is hard to do enough damage to get credit for them. That is of course unless you're one of the classes with such good AoE it whipes the floor with a truckload of zombies. However even if you have to cast it chances are they'll be dead before it.

In the screenshot below you can see the perfect place to stand which is where the zombies become un-invulnerable. You'll have to click to enlarge it but you'll see me standing in the bottom right. Place your traps and whatever else in this large cluster of people and you'll be good to go!

Penitent Camp Event


Shelter's Gate Event

Shelter's Gate Camp

As aforementioned this in my opinion is the easier of the two tasks. For this task you have to do pretty much the same exact thing you had to do for the task before it. Kill a whole lot of mobs before they reach the camp. However with this one you are able to attack the mobs long before they reach the camp which allows you to get the jump on them and get a lot more damage in which means more loot! Now there are two different locations (technically 3 but the third is rarely ever used and will make you miss out on more important packs if you try and go to it) that you'll want to get the jump on these mobs.

Both of these locations are seen in the screenshots below. It also would be good to mention that this camp drops widely different loot than the camp above it. Here you'll commonly be getting Venom Sacs (Powerful, Potent), Heavy Moldy Bags, and Green and Orange items to Salvage or Vendor as well as a ton of whites and typical salvage junk. Below is a picture of the loot I got in two minutes of being at Shelter's Gate Camp.

Shelter's Gate Loot

I came in really late towards the end of the event but still managed to make roughly 50s if not more from everything I got and sold off on the Auction House. All without leaving the area I might add since you can access the Trading Post in this game from anywhere! Now since I am totally running out of things to talk about here are links to the two different spawn locations for Shelter's Gate Camp's Event. I think that's proper grammar, right? Isn't it? Shelter's Gate Camp's Event. Hmm.

Spawn Location 1 (By the wall to the north)

Shelter's Gate Camp Event

Spawn Location 2 (Under the Bridge to the south)

Shelter's Gate Camp Event