High Level Profitable Chef Recipes

After farming Cursed Shore, Malchor's Leap and Frostgorge almost endlessly I started to wonder what I could use all the raw cooking materials I was finding for. I searched the internet and came up blank for high end cooking recipes that you could turn a profit on. So, I decided to make my very own guide going over exactly that. The reagents I will be using to make more profitable items with are Omnomberries, Orrian Truffles, Lotus Root, Orrian Truffles and Snow Truffles.

I will add Saffron Thread in later if the items it makes ever become more valuable than what you could achieve from a vendor.

Omnomberry Bar

1 Omnomberry Compote

1 Bowl of Baker's Dry Ingredients

1 Bowl of Baker's Wet Ingredients

Plate of Fire Flank Steak

1 Ghost Pepper

1 Slab of Red Meat

Cup of Lotus Fries

1 Lotus Root

1 Pile of Salt and Pepper

1 Jar of Vegetable Oil

Plate of Truffle Steak

1 Slab of Red Meat

1 Orrian Truffle

1 Snow Truffle

1 Stick of Butter

That about covers it for now with recipes you can make for some extra profit. Keep in mind I highly recommend you check the prices of all the items involved in crafting before you go and make the recipe. In Guild Wars 2 crafting (at least at this time) gives you a very small margin of profit (something like 10c if what I am talking about) and usually a small profit like that is not worth the time it took to even make the item in the first place.

Remember that advice and you'll always make a great profit!