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Guild Wars 2 WvW Guides

These guides are my Guild Wars 2 WvW (World vrs World) guides. They will cover all different elements of WvW ranging from the absolute basics such as how WvW works all the way to some of the most complicated parts of WvW such as how to be a great Commander. If you're completely unfamiliar with WvW and don't even know what that acronym means, let me fill you in a bit. WvW stands for World vrs World, however the 'full' acronym is WvWvW which is, you guessed it, world vrs world vrs world.

Any level player can enter and participate in WvW, you will be upleveled to 80 and given proper stats/attributes however you will not be given all of the traits a level 80 should have nor will you get all of the skills. So while it will bring you up to everyone elses level you will be severly gimpy and should try to avoid one on one fights. However that doesn't mean WvW below 80 is all bad, in fact a lot of people find it to be a great way to level up your character.

I am sure many people have a lot more basic questions pertaining to WvW and instead of making the top of this page a cluster of text, below my links to all my WvW guides you will find a WvW F.A.Q section, answering most of the basic questions people have about it.

I will keep these guides as up to date as I can as time goes on, if you see something that isn't entirely accurate feel free to write me an email, my address can be found via the 'Submit A Guide' at the bottom of the page.

WvW Guides for Starters

WvW for Noobs - First Time Here? Here's the basics!

Taking a Tower in WvW

WvW Guides for Experts

How To Get The Commander Tag & Activate it

My List of WvW Commander Guides

How to Lead & Be A Good Commander

How to be a good Commander Video Guide

Hour Long Gameplay Video Following Me as a Commander


Q: What level do I have to be to Enter WvW?

A: You can enter WvW at any level though most people recommend you wait until at least level 30 so you have the Elite Skill unlocked.

Q: Is WvW good experience?

A: A lot of people find WvW to be great experience and one of the easier more enjoyable ways to level up a character. However it is really only good experience when you are on Offense and you're following a Commander who is exceptionally good and can continuously capture Supply Camps, Towers, Keeps and anything else that gives experience. If you're stuck on Defense it will be very poor experience.

Q: Is WvW Hard?

A: It all depends on the play. WvW can be really difficult for some players to get a hang of and others it might just come natural too. A lot of it depends on the skill and intelligence of the player. I know that sounds demeaning but if you're good, key bind your abilities and don't click them and know how to pay attention you will do better than someone who doesn't do either of those things.

Q: What are the Rewards I receive for doing WvW?

A: You will receive WvW XP (It will go towards WvW Levels which can be used to buy upgrades specifically used in WvW), you will also gain normal Experience, Karma for any events completed here and of course some money. There are other rewards such as Achievements for doing certain things here and also World Completion for discovering everything here.

Q: How does WvW Work?

A: Once you are in game you hit 'B' to bring up the World vrs World menu. Once there you can enter four different areas, a Battleground for each of the three world's in your bracket and an area called Eternal Battlegrounds. In Eternal Battlegrounds (EB) none of the areas defautly belong to one faction unlike the Borderlands. The concept of WvW is to attack all different places with your fellow WvWers and take them under your control. There are multiple different types of places you can attack and take and multiple different ways to attack and take each place. I have a WvW for starters guide and also a WvW for starters video you should watch for further elaboration

Q: Will I need a good internet Connection/Computer to handle WvW?

A: It depends on what time/how many people are battling. I have a really good computer and I know a lot of others who do too that still lag in WvW during large zergs, usually during prime time hours. If you have a mediocre computer though you'll do just fine playing during off hours or participating in small scale battles.