Legendary Guide - Gift of Mastery

Gift of Mastery is the one Gift that I like to say actually requires you to play the game. Unlike other Gifts that require tons of money in materials; or tons of materials, this gift just requires you to play. With requirements like World Completion, a 200 Skill Point Item, lots of Karma Farming and a heavily WvW focused Gift, not many of the other Legendary requires come close to what this one does in time spent to earn it.

Before I get started with this guide I would like to take the time for a short disclaimer, if you'll humor me for one moment. Please remember that this guide is more of an outline for acquiring your Legendary Weapon. Everyone is going to have different approaches to doing their Legendary, whether it be basics like what to get first, what to get last, or where is the best place to farm X item; there are always going to be differences of opinions.

It is important that you remember getting your Legendary Weapon is not all about actually getting all of the parts together and combining them. In fact I am talking about the most difficult part for almost every player when it comes to getting their Legendary Weapons. I am talking about the part of it that requires you to keep yourself on point, motivated, goal oriented and of course, keeping things fun. If you get bored or just straight 'give up' you're going to lose the legendary faster than any other way.

1 Bloodstone Shard - 200 Skill Points

This is probably one of the easiest things to do for your legendary. By the time you actually complete every other part of it I would be literally shocked if you did not collect enough skill points for this part.

250 Obsidian Shards

This is the 'Karma Farming' portion of the Legendary Weapon and the part most consider to be the most difficult part of obtaining a legendary weapon. Luckily as Guild Wars 2 has progressed forward there have been additional ways added into the game to purchase these Shards versus just spending Karma directly for them. A few of the other reliable ways include..

Fractal Relics


Lost Orrian Jewelry Boxes

and so on... I got most of mine from Lost Orrian Jewelry Boxes. It costs a lot more Karma this way but you also get money at the very same time as you're doing it. There are a few different ways for you to make the required Karma, let me give you links to a few videos you may find rather helpful..

Malchor's Leap Karma Farming Video

Frostgorge Sound Karma Farming Video

If you're wondering how I did this part what I did was combine making money with making Karma. If you do a lot of WvW making Karma will be pretty easy (If your team doesn't entirely suck of course). You'll get a ton of Karma every hour and you'll be able to finish this relatively quickly. If your team does suck or you just don't like WvW then there are of course other ways to make Karma. A few of the locations I enjoy are covered in the above guides but there are additional tips and tricks I can give you for earning Karma.

The first is to save all your Karma potions from Dailies, dungeons, or anything else you do that rewards Karma potions. It's recommended you use all of these at the same time when you're under the effects of a lot of Karma Bonus effects. Such as Karma Booster, Karma Food, Karma Banner and the Guild Karma Bonus (although I do not think the Guild Bonus applies to Karma potions and only Events). If you have all of these effects on you at once you can really increase the amount of Karma you earn from potions.

1 Gift of Exploration

This requires World Completion.

Believe it or not World Completion will get you tons of goodies aside from just the Gift of Exploration. You'll get a ton of gold for working towards World Completion, as long as you gather a lot of the nodes you pass throughout the world and, of course, loot all of the mobs you'll be killing for the different Quests you need to complete for World Completion. One of my favorite things to do is level up alts and go back when they're max level and do most of World Completion for money.

Going through most of the world and getting World Completion on my alts usually rewards me with 45 - 50g depending on how much 'side farming' I do. By side farming I mean making it a point to gather up all of the nodes I come across, participating in events and things like that. If you do all of these things while you're doing World Completion you will make a ton of gold, that much I can promise you.

1 Gift of Battle

This requires 500 Badges of Honor and 50s. While grinding the Badges of Honor you will most likely get a bit of Karma too which will help you work towards getting the Karma parts of the Legendary Weapon. Really all you need to do anymore is get WvW XP, every time you level up you'll get a bonus chest which will give you 5 badges. If you started to level up before this change was put in then you'll get two bonus chests until you 'catch up'.

Other than that the best way to get the Badges of Honor you need is just by participating and following around the zerg. If for some reason you can't do this on your server your second best bet would be to go into the Borderlands and take Supply Camps with a friend. This will get you pretty good WvW XP and some Badges from killing the NPCs.