Halloween Event - Clocktower

In order to reach the Mad King's Realm, which is where the Labyrinth is located, you will need to go through one of the Haunted Doors in Gendarran Fields. (You may be able to go through any Haunted Door but I have not confirmed this yet) To reach the Mad King's Clocktower you will need to speak with the Lunatic Boatmaster standing atop the raised platform next to the portal that leads you to the Mad King's Labyrinth. A picture of the Lunatic Boatmaster can be found below.

Lunatic Boatmaster

Now first I am going to say that you're going to become extremely frustrated and want to blow your brains out while doing this event. I personally am avoiding this event since I have an innate hatred for jumping puzzles thanks to Super Mario 64: Tick Tock Clock and the Rainbow Level. While I did finish them both 100% on the N64 I think the rises in my blood pressure have made me more prone to heart disease for the rest of my natural born life.

It's even worse that my least favorite level of Super Mario 64 was Tick Tock Clock and this so happens to be a clock tower as well. Talk about flashbacks and not the good nostalgic ones. On the upside at least computer's don't have the two little "flippers" like the N64 controller had. They were so easy to just rip off and smash...

- Listen to soothing music (Song two)

- Do something to calm yourself down after awhile of trying. A nice warm shower will help calm the nerves if you're stressed out.

- Know that you can let the green crap get about half way up your character's body before it eats you and you're forced to start over.


- Watch an instructional video of how it is done

- Plan your route. Knowing what's good to jump to and what isn't will help you succeed

- Go on Facebook and make fun of some of the kids you went to Highschool with that never went anywhere with their life (great for venting frustration and anger). Don't feel bad, if they post their daily lives on Facebook anyway they deserve to be made fun of.

- Understand that luck plays a bigger role in getting to the top than skill does

That's all I can think of for now but if you keep these things in mind you'll be much more likely to reach the top of the clocktower. From the couple dozen attempts I fooled around with I realized once you pass that first bottle neck where you have to wait for the clocktower to break it becomes much easier past that point.