Guild Wars 2 Tier 4 Pricing Chart

Please keep in mind when pricing items for higher than their lowest current selling price you could be sitting on the item for an entire week. In some rare cases you could be sitting on the item for even longer than that. These prices are built around what I know the market's go up to for each individual item. For some of these items their markets won't go up as high as my listing price until the Weekend which is when the most people are playing and buying the items.

The most prominent example of this is Crystalline Dust and Unidentified Dyes. I list my Crystalline Dust at 27s 55c - 27s 75c and my Unidentified Dyes at the same prices. These two items usually only go that high on Weekends, Sunday to be exact and very seldom go up to those prices on Weeknights. This same logic holds true for some other items as well. Just think of it like this, eventually once you have so many different items listed almost every day at least one of your 'markets' will break through and sell.

Here are a few different scenarios that could involve your items going up in price and you selling them for a higher than market value price.

1. Someone needs to buy an item to level up their profession. They need 15 of the item but their Trading Post is lagging and they accidentally purchase 155. (Trust me, this happens more than you'd think)

2. More than one person is leveling said profession today. Say the item is Large Scales and they usually sell for 1s 10c, someone buys 100 for leveling their profession and it goes up to 1s 20c, another person after him needs 100 too and buys them which increases the price to 1s 30c. I list mine at 1s 28c, bam we sold ours.

3. Weekends have more people playing and the demand on items usually increases and the prices do with it. Items that would usually not sell during the week sell on weekends.

4. No one is leveling or farming in the level bracket of where your item drops/can be found in. The Demand for the item will stay the same but the supply decreases making the price temporarily go up.

There are plenty more reasons an item would/could sell for a higher market price those were just the first 4 reasons that popped into my head.


Tier 4 Materials

Sharp Claw (2s 17c)

Sharp Fang (2s 4c)

Heavy Bone (2s)

Vial of Thick Blood (2s)

Pile of Luminous Dust (99c)

Smooth Scale (2s (12c)

Engraved Totem (2s 45c)

Full Venom Sac (2s 2c)

Rugged Leather Sections (36c)