Malchor's Leap - Best Farming Location In The Game (8g+/hr) - (NERFED AS OF 5/24/13)

Malchor's Leap, one of the most frustratingly annoying zones to ever venture through. Hidden far into the hills of Malchor's is an event not many know of ontop of the well known Temple of Lyssa. This event is usually active on most servers although not many people know the value of farming here. This event is the best kept secret in the entire game and really unknown to everyone, until now.

The event I am speaking of occurs at the northern end of the Temple of Lyssa in Malchor's Leap at Union Waypoint. There are usually always people here depending on what server you are here on. Most of the reports I get from subscribers/fans of my website are it is either 100% dead on their server or there are wayyy too many people here. Generally on my server (Darkhaven) there are too many people here which often leads to me having to guest to another server to even farm here.

Below is the location of this event on the map. You will have to click on the picture to enlarge it.

At this farming location you need to -NOT- actually complete the event. Most of the Fortifications need to stay up at all times. If the event ends so will the endless stream of mobs and all of the wonderful loot you're getting. Don't be a complete tool to the people who are farming here either and come and ruin their event. That's not cool and is extremely rude to those who are here having fun. You would not want someone to do it to you so do not do it to someone else.

If you are a Necromancer be sure not to use any pets out here. If you are a Ranger be sure to put your pet on Guard while you are out here. If you're ranged be sure to stack up in the back away from melee and if you are melee be sure not to go into the middle of this farming location. ALSO THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN POSSIBLY REMEMBER IS TO GROUP UP OUT HERE BECAUSE GROUPING INCREASES THE ODDS OF YOU TAGGING A MONSTER WHICH INCREASES THE AMOUNT OF LOOT YOU WILL RECEIVE.

From farming here I average 12 - 15g an hour, although I know some people won't average as much as I do that is why I only have this location listed as 8g+ an hour. You will find an absolute ton of Moldy Bags here as well as a ton of Rare Items, Blues, Greens and of course Whites. If you're wondering how I handle all of my loot here what I do I put together into a video. Some of you may find it very helpful, What I do with my loot. I will have an embedded version of the video further down this page as well as a video showing this location.

Below is a video of me showing everyone how I farm in this location. If you are new to here I strongly recommend you watch it as it shares many helpful tips and strategies for farming here. Before I get into that video though I am going to break down a lot of these strategies in list form that way they will be easier to understand and read for everyone.

- If you get filled up with loot you can enter WvW and sell. Once you sell in WvW though don't take the Asura Gate out, log out and you will be returned to exactly where you entered WvW from.

- If you have a Magic Find Banner, Bonfire or some other benefit/bonus to drop make sure you do it away from the group otherwise it will interfere with people as they are trying to loot.

- If you have a portable Black Lion Merchant use it here. This is definitely the best place to use them.

- MAKE SURE YOU GROUP UP WHEN FARMING HERE. The entire group's damage counts towards your chances of tagging a mob. The more mobs you tag the more loot you will receive.

Below is my video for this location. And below that is my video showing what I do with all of the loot I find here.

(NERFED AS OF 5/24/13)

What I Do With All My Loot: