FFXI Farming Guides

In this section of my website I'll discuss Farming Strategies. These include quests and farming locations. I've separated everything into different sections to help better organize the page based on your level. Find the level bracket that best suites you and click on the link to view the farming location. If you'd like to recommend a farming location to me to add to the website, or would like to comment on a current one please use the "Submit a Guide" link at the bottom of the page.

Tips To Help You Make Money

- Try to limit how much you spend in one day.

- Most people will visit the Auction House on weekends and Fridays. If you want the best chance of an item selling put it up so it will be viewable these days.

- Putting an item up for 99gil sounds more appealing than 100gil. One less digit, tricks people.


Farming Locations 1 - 30

Beastman Blood
Beehive Chips and Honey
Bird Blood
Black Tiger Fangs
Crab Meat
Fear of the Dark
Silk Thread

Farming Locations 30 - 50

Cockatrice Meat
Dhalmel Hair
Gigas In Quifim
Golems and Dolls

Farming Locations 50 +

Beast Blood & Fiend Blood
Bugard Skins and Tusks
Caslte Z and Caslte O
Coeurl Meat, Whiskers and Hides
Flying Mantas
Gigas in Xarcabard
Lizard Eggs, Skins and Tails