Warlock Guide

This guide was created by KnightCycle6am of the Warlock Forums. All credit goes to him for this guide. To see the original posting of this guide click here.

So the wizards have something like this and it is a great tool for the forums. Warlocks should have something like it too. Warlocks please help out. Post useful links, I'll add them to the list and we'll have a nice cheat sheet really soon =)

Table of Contents:

<1> Helpful Links for Warlocks
<2> Needed Guides and Tables
<3> Spell Lines and Descriptions
<4> End Game Spells and Priority to Upgrade to Adept III or Master I (Also, Master II recommendations)

<1> Helpful Links for Warlocks:

General Warlock Links:
EQ2BM overview:

EQ2 Ref.com Warlock AA tree:

EQ2 Ref.com Sorcerer AA tree:

EQ2BM Spell Efficiency guide (awesome)

Warlock Spell Listings:
Allakahazam Warlock Spell Listing:

Warlock 1-70 Spell listing with M2 choices: **different format and some different details

General EQ2 Links:
EQ2 Database: ((Download that let's you view spells and items)

Allakahazam EQ2 Homepage

Other Links:
Ultimate End-Game Gear (most of its proc gear)

<2> Needed Guides and Tables:
This section is a listing of needed guides, tables and tools that we should build as a community and can be added to this post at a later date. Please contribute by building or finding one of these resources on the net.

--Chart: Common AA setups...
--Assistance with priorities on the 'end game' upgrade chart below...
--Article on the differences between Wizard and Warlock. Also, discuss where each of their strengths lie.
--Article: Warlocks and choosing your Deity <<and using deity powers>>
--Article: which casting order does the most dmg for which situation <<I'm working on a contribution to the 'Casting Order' thread and will paste it here as well>>
--Pics/links of the legendary/fabled warlock sets
--Must do quests for 65+ level warlocks <<sol ro cloak, hat, claymore, etc for good gear>>
--How ACT parser views warlock damage.... are there any errors and fixes to those errors?
--What should you be parsing? Estimates, comparisons to other classes <<gear dependent I know>>

About me: Limoncello was a Fae wizzy on Crushbone until level 67. Then I decided to change over to Neriak and become a warlock. I just completed the betrayal directly from Kelethin to Neriak like 30 minutes ago. I played another warlock until 30 and decided that I would just switch my main over and buy spells. So here I am, not sure which spells to upgrade and what not. I've decided to build this page to help people new level 70 warlocks learn and enjoy the class.

<3> Spell Lines and Descriptions
This table displays spell descriptions and the upgrades you are given as you level.
Note: All Master II choices are in italics and blue. T7 Master II choices are in italics, bold and blue.

AoE Spells - (area of effect)

Deals instant disease damage to the target and surrounding encounter members.
Negative Absolution (20) >> Null Absolution (34) >> Nil Absolution (48) >> Void Absolution (62)

Deals instant poison damage to target enemy and surrounding encounter members, and leaving them stunned for a short duration. Epic targets have increased resistance to the stun duration.
Gas Cloud (8) >> Putrid Cloud (22) >> Grievous Blast (36) >> Dark Nebula (50) >> Nebula (64)

Interrupts and deals great amounts of poison damage over time to all enemies surrounding the warlock.
Poison Cloud (2) >> Suffocate (14) >> Suffocating Cloud (28) >> Abysmal Fury (44) >> Boundless Fury (58) >> Chaostorm (70)

Knocks all enemies in a large area around the warlock into the air. Anyone affected is stunned, and receives a large amount of damage when they land. This spell consumes a nil crystal.
Rift (65)

Creatres a powerful negative energy field around the warlock that continually radiates. Anyone affected by the radiation will be dealt additional poison damage every time they are the target of a hostile poison based spell. This spell has a recurrent power cost.
Netherous Realm (58)

DD Spells - (direct damage)

Deals instant poison damage to the targeted enemy.
Corrosive Strike (1) >> Corrosive Blast (6) >> Corrosive Bolt (12) >> Noxious Blast (20) >> Noxious Bolt (29) >> Soul Flay (43) >> Soul Blister (57)

Deals instant poison damage to an enemy.
Erupt (3) >> Emanate (10) >> Shadowy Emanations (17) >> Dark Emanations (31) >> Torment of Shadows (45) >> Scourge of Shadows (59)

Deals instant poison damage to an enemy and returns a portion of this damage as power replenishment to the warlock.
Dark Distortion (23) >> Nil Distortion (37) >> Null Distortion (51) >> Void Distortion (65)

Stuns the warlock's target briefly and deals instant cold damage.
Freeze (16) >> Flashfreeze (30) >> Deter (44) >> Thwart (58)

Deals instant cold and heat damage and greatly slows movement speed for a short time. (scribed spell)
Iceflame (35)

DoT Spells - (damage over time)
Deals disease damage over time to the target
Suffocation (10) >> Suffocating Breath (24) >> Dark Pyre (38) >> Shadowed Pyre (52) >> War Pyre (66)

Deals massive poison damage over time to as many as 5 enemies and stunning them for a short duration.
Devastation (50) >> Apocalypse (70)

Does poison damage over time to the target, and also has a chance to summon up to three dark broodlings to attack the target every time the target receives noxious damage. Be warned, dark broodlings are extremely unstable entities and will attack everything nearby while they're present.
Dark Infestation (52)

Buffs - Single Target and Self

An augmentation which grants an ally the chance at dealing poison damage to all encounter members surrounding the enemy that struck the ally in combat.
Poisonous Veil (20) >> Poisonous Mask (35) >> Nihilism (50) >> Nihilistics (64)

Augmentation which grants an ally the chance to cause additional over-time Poison damage upon a successful attack on an enemy.
Venomous Grasp (11) >> Venomous Runes (25) >> Toxic Grasp (39) >>Virulent Grasp (53) >> Malignant Grasp (67)

For a short time, the warlock is granted a chance at additional poison damage in an area where an enemy was struck by a poison spell cast by the warlock. This consumes a small amount of power every time it triggers, and requires a nil crystal as a component.
Abhorrent Gift (32) >> Wicked Gift (46) >> Corrupt Gift (60)

An augmentation spell that benefits the caster by increasing avoidance, maximum health, and decreasing the chance of interruption.
Magi's Shielding (4)

Buffs - Group

An augmentation cast on the warlock's ally that grants a chance to drain an attacker's power over time when the ally is hit in melee combat, adding the drained power to the ally. This spell does not require any concentration, but can only be maintained on a single ally.
Boon of the Dark (18) >> Boon of the Shadowed (33) >> Vulian Gift (47) >> Boon of the Damned (61)

A group augmentation that increases the effectiveness of all casting techniques of the warlock's group. Increases to casting technique makes it more difficult for enemies to outright resist your group's spells and reduces the chance of spell fizzle.
Spellbinding Pact (12) >> Dark Pact (26) >> Seal of Dark Rumination (40) >> Seal of Ebon Thought (54) >> Seal of Dismal Logic (68)

An augmentation that increases the power pool and noxious resistance for the warlock's group. The noxious resist protects more against poison than disease.
Boon of the Shadows (7) >> Boon of the Void (21) >> Bolster Energy (35) >> Aspect of Darkness (49) >> Aspect of Night (63)

Power Drain Target Enemy to Power over Time Group

Drains power from an enemy and surrounding encounter members, and converts a portion of this damage into power over time replenishment for the party. This spell requires a nil crystal component.
Dark Siphoning (24) >> Dark Pillaging (38) >> Shadowed Pillaging (52) >> Phantom Pillaging (66)


An impairment that causes the target additional poison damage when it is damaged by a spell. This impairment is removed after it has been triggered 3 times.
Aura of Darkness (35) >> Aura of Emptiness (49) >> Aura of Nihility (63)

Impariment that reduces the target's maximum heal and power pools. If the target is slain while under this curse, a Nil Crystal is granted to the Warlock.
Curse of Darkness (25) >> Curse of Emptiness (39) >> Curse of Desolation (53) >> Curse of Isolation (67)

Reduces target encounter's poison and disease resist.
Stop Breath (1) >> Shorten Breath (13) >> Tumultuous Mailstrom (69)

Impairment which reduces an enemy's strength and intelligence. If the enemy is slain while under this curse, a Nil Crystal is sometimes granted to the Warlock.
Curse of Null (28) >> Curse of Nil (42) >> Curse of Nothingness (56) >> Curse of Void (70)

Reduces target's poison resist, disease resist, and attack speed. This effect is contagious, and has a chance to spread to other enemies of the encounter when they take spell damage.
Steal Breath (27) >> Chaotic Maelstrom (41) >> Anarchic Maelstrom (55)


Cures magic, mental and divine impairments on target ally.
Cure Arcane (6)

Dispels beneficial magic spells from the mage's target.
Dispel Magic (9)

Hate Reduction

Places a concussive augmentation on the sorcerer's next offensive spell that reduces the target's hate towards the sorcerer.
Concussive (15)

Augmentation which reduces an enemy's Hate towards the Warlock. Also replenishes instantly a portion of the damage done to the Warlocks upon a successful enemy attack.
Nullmail (40)

Health to Power Conversion

Replenishes power over time for a short duration to target ally, at the cost of slowly draining the warlock's health.
Strength of Void (33) >> Endow Energy (47) >> Bestow Energy (61)

Converts some of the warlock's health into power.
Tap Void (13) >> Invite Void (27) >> Grisly Contract (41) >> Ghastly Contract (55) >> Terrible Deeds (69)


Instantly interrupts and pacifies the warlock's target for a brief duration with a small amount of magic damage. This spell has no cast time and a very small power cost.
Interference (10) >> Nullification (24) >> Vulian Interference (38) >> Vulian Intrusion (52) >> Vulian Nullification (66)

Pet Attack

Summons a powerful minion for the wmailarlock to attack an enemy. Requires a Nil Crystal to cast.
Netheros (48) >> Netherlord (62)

Root Spells

Roots the target and surrounding encounter members. Every hostile spell or damage received by the target has a chance at breaking the effect. The chances of this spell breaking is half that of normal root effects. Upgrades to this spell reduce the target's resistance to the full duration of the effect.
Bony Grasp (40) >> Skeletal Grasp (54) >> Spectral Grasp (68)

Roots the warlock's target in place, preventing them from movement. Every hostile spell or damage received by the target has a chance at breaking the effect. When the root effect expires, the target's has a chance of running away in fear with a movement penalty for a short duration. Upgrades to this spell reduce the target's resistance to the full duration of the root effect.
Bind (5) >> Fearful Bind (19) >> Paralyzing Fear (33) >> Cower (47) >> Cowering Bind (61)


A group augmentation that grants sonicvision and allows the warlock's allies to see invisible enemies.
Shadowsight (23)

An augmentation that allows a mage's ally to see invisible enemies.
See Invisibility (9)

An augmentation that grants the mage the ability to see through the eyes of target ally. This augmentation breaks if the mage enters combat.
Bind Sight (5)

Teleports nearby targets, up to six, to a random location nearby and stuns them briefly. Also decreases movement speed drastically on the affected targets.
Null Caress (55)

Summons shadows around a single ally, granting them invisibility while reducing their movement speed. You can only maintain this spell on a single ally. This spell cannot be interrupted or fizzled.
Summon Shadows (15)

<4> End Game Spells and Priority to Upgrade to Adept III or Master I
(Also, Master II recommendations)

This table lists the ‘end game' spells from highest adventure level to lowest adventure level. The priority denotes the urgency and usefulness of the spell.

Priority Key
1 Upgrade immediately, vastly improves your usefullness to the raid. Will make people /shout YAY for warlocks and AOEs!!!
2 Upgrade once priority ones are completed, helps a lot when raiding.
3 Upgrade once you have some extra plat, helps when raiding.
4 Upgrade if you happen to get a master drop of this spell, assists sometimes when raiding.
5 Upgrade so you can say: "I have ALL master spells!!" Not used often enough to be a priority.
N No upgrade available.
MII Recommended master II upgrade for a raiding warlock.

Pri. Spell (Level)
1 Apocalypse (70)
1 Chaostorm (70)
4 Curse of Void (70)
3 Terrible Deeds (69)
? Tumultuous Mailstrom (69)
? Seal of Dismal Logic (68)
3 Spectral Grasp (68)
4 Curse of Isolation (67)
3 Malignant Grasp (67)
3 Phantom Pillaging (66)
1 Vulian Nullification (66)
1 War Pyre (66)
2 Rift (65)
1 Void Distortion (65)
2 Nebula (64)
2 Nihilistics (64)
3 Aspect of Night (63)
MII Aura of Nihility (63)
2 Netherlord (62)
1 Void Absolution (62)
4 Bestow Energy (61)
3 Boon of the Damned (61)
5 Cowering Bind (61)
1 Corrupt Gift (60)
2 Scourge of Shadows (59)
4 Netherous Realm (58)
1 Thwart (58)
5 Soul Blister (57)
3 Anarchic Maelstrom (55)
? Null Caress (55)
1 Dark Infestation (52) **you are not likely to find a master I of this spell
N Nullmail (40)
5 Iceflame (35)
N Shadowsight (23)
N Concussive (15)
N Summon Shadows (15)
N Dispel Magic (9)
N See Invisibility (9)
N Cure Arcane (6)
N Bind Sight (5)
N Magi's Shielding (4)

Note: Below is a table of rares needed to upgrade each teir of spells to Adept III.
T7 Acrylia Cluster
T6 Vanadium Cluster
T5 Rhodium Cluster
T4 Ruthenium Cluster
T3 Palladium Cluster
T2 Silver Cluster
T1 Copper Cluster

Note: As I stated above, I just became a warlock and I have no idea which ones people should upgrade. I will modify the priorities as I become familiar with the class or as professional warlocks help me with posts. Please post your thoughts.