How to get the Staff of Magnus - Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Dreveni Hlaren with Staff of Magnus

Location: Assu
Requirements: Levitate
Video: How to get Staff of Magnus

The Staff of Magnus is found in the dungeon of Assu which is to the north of Molag Mar. You basically exit Molag Mar to the west and then travel straight north following the path until you run into Assu. Inside of the dungeon you'll find a large room with water at the western end and a platform you can Levitate up to with Dreveni Hlaren on it. Dreveni is the NPC whose carrying the Staff of Magnus.

If you're a part of the Mage's Guild you may be sent to Assu to retrieve the Staff of Magus by Ajira during her 6th quest. Thankfully Ajira will let you keep the staff if you return to her with it and if you've collected the staff prior to getting the quest you can instantly complete it when you talk with Ajira.

Assu Map Location


Staff of Magnus