How to get the Nordic Axe of Paralysis - Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Make a deal with Gualtierus Spurius

Location: Gandrung Caverns
Requirements: Pick Saenus Lusius as your helper while on this quest
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The Nordic Axe of Paralysis is a unique weapon that's acquired by making a deal with Gualtierus Spurius during The Frostmoth Smugglers quest in the Bloodmoon Expansion Pack. This quest is the second story quest in the Bloodmoon Expansion Pack and begins by speaking with Captain Carius at Fort Frostmoth.

In order to speak with the leader of the bandits inside of Gandrung Caverns you'll need to choose Saenus Lusius as your partner at the very start of the quest. If you choose the other companion, Gaea Artoria you won't have an opportunity to negotiate with the bandits.

Before you begin this quest a fair warning - it can be quite hard unless you're higher level or have decent gear. During this quest we're going to be fighting a lot of enemies with Paralyze weapons that deal heavy damage. Sometimes you'll be fighting a few of these enemies at once.

Gandrung Caverns Map Location

You can find the Gandrung Caverns a little bit to the northeast of Fort Frostmoth, an exact location is shown on my screenshot above. Once here you will want to look in the southern most portion of the cave for Gualtierus Spurius don't attack him immediately when you see him -- instead talk to him.

As previously stated, so long as you have Saenus Lusius with you Gualtierus will talk with you and ask to make a deal. Take him up on his offer and you'll be rewarded with the

Silver Axe of Paralysis
Found on enemies throughout the cave.


Nordic Axe of Paralysis