How to get Goldbrand - Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Underwater Ruined Shrine of Boethiah

Location: Northwest of Hla Oad
Requirements: Underwater Breathing (not required but highly recommended)
Video: How to get Goldbrand Sword

Goldbrand is a powerful 1h Long Sword which can be obtained by completing Boethiah's Quest. This quest begins by speaking with the head of Boethiah found at his sunken shrine northwest of Hla Oad; for an exact location check my map screenshot below. You will need to swim underwater to reach this shrine and it may be hard to locate since there are no above water markers for you to follow.

My best advice for finding this shrine is to keep an eye on your map, you can see the underwater daedric buildings on your map which will help you locate this shrine. Otherwise, use my two map location screenshots below for additional guidance.

Once you've found this shrine you'll need to interact with the head which is detached from the body and on the base of the statue next to the body. You'll get a Journal entry which has you go to Caldera to find someone who can rebuild this shrine.

Sunken Shrine of Boethiah Map Location
General map location of where this shrine is.

Boethiahs Underwater Shrine Map Location
More exact location of where this shrine is in relation to nearby landmarks.

Now that you've received the Journal entry head over to Ghorak Manor in the town of Caldera for the next part of this quest. We're looking for Duma gro-Lag who is found on the 3rd floor of Ghorak Manor in Caldera. It's also worth mentioning that you'll find the Creeper on the 2nd floor of this building, one of the merchants in this game with a very high gold cap and no Mercantile skill.

Duma gro-Lag asks you for 2000G as well as the Boethiah's Glory book which can only be found in Jobasha's Rare Books in Vivec. You can find this bookstore in the Foreign Quarter of Vivec in the Lower Waistworks. I created a video of how to get to Jobasha's Rare Books from the Vivec Mage's Guild Guide if a video helps you personally out more than a map.

Purchase Boethiah's Glory from Jobasha and then return to Duma gro-Lag in the town of Caldera. Give him the book and money and we're done the quest for the next 21 in-game days.

Jobashas Rare Books Map Location

After 21 days pass in game you'll be able to visit the completed statue north of Gnaar Mok at Khartag Point. You won't get a Journal entry when the statue is completed, which means you'll either have to guess or keep track of it in game. Alternatively, if you arrive here too early just keep Resting/Waiting 24hrs until it's finally done.

Speak with the new completed statue of Boethiah to receive your Goldbrand as a reward.

Khartag Point Map Location