How to get Cloudcleaver - Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Hlormar for Cloudcleaver

Location: North of Caldera
Requirements: N/A
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Cloudcleaver is one of the two possible rewards for completing the Recovering Cloudcleaver Side Quest which starts by speaking with Hlormar Wine-Sot along the path north of Caldera. For this quest all you need to do is escort Hlormar just a bit further northeast down the path until you encounter Sosia.

To get the most out of this quest in terms of the rewards what you'll want to do is help Hlormar kill Sosia and loot Cloudcleaver from her corpse. Hlormar will notice and immediately ask for it back - give it to him and he'll give you a permanent increase of 2 to Strength. After you've received that reward from Hlormar kill him for Cloudcleaver.

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