All bulk Glass Armor Locations in Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Dronos Llervu Set of Glass Armor

This page includes all of the best locations for you to find Glass Armor in Morrowind. For each location I typically provide you with a little bit of background information as well as the map of where it is and a screenshot of the item. What I believe to be the best location to get the armor is the first one on the list and the screenshots you are looking at.

If you'd like to obtain the armor legally (so it is owned by you) the best place to buy a set is from Dronos Llervu whose found in Ghostgate. Dronos Llervu is found in the lower portion of the Tower of Dusk and is shown in my screenshot above. To purchase this armor from Dronos you'll need a lot of gold since it isn't cheap, thankfully it's still less expensive than it could be.

Anyone with a good Sneak skill or a Chameleon ability will be able to steal some Glass Armor out of the same room Dronos is found in as well. Though I would recommend you sell this armor since it's owned by someone (meaning guards will take it if you're caught for any crimes).

As for the location of Ghostgate, you can find the town in the central portion of the world. A map of where it is can be found below.

Ghostgate Map Location 2

Those of you who lack the funds or would rather find the armor on your own, I have included multiple other locations below. Some of the other locations take place in Ghostgate as well, although you'll have to kill someone and take their armor... However, with the proper methods you can provoke them into attacking you first which will mean you'll commit no crime for defending yourself.

Full Set of Glass Armor - Thauraver in Sjobal (Bloodmoon)

Thauraver in Sjobal

One of the best locations to get a full set of Glass Armor is in a cave on Solstheim, the island that was added during the Bloodmoon Expansion Pack. For more information on how to get to Solstheim check out the guide I linked to. On Solstheim you're looking for a cave to the northwest of the island named Sjobal.

This island is full of very tough enemies so it's recommended you don't come here until you've got a semi-decent character and can handle the wildlife. You'll also have to battle a tough enemy to get it, but unless you have the difficulty cranked all the way up you should be able to do this (earliest) between levels 5 and 10.

Sjobal Map Location

Almost full Set of Glass - Galdal Omayn in Ghostgate

Galdal Omayn Glass Armor

Other Requirements: Frenzy Humanoid or a method of Taunting

Video of all Glass Armor Locations in Ghostgate

Galdal Omayn is a great source of Glass Armor if you're looking for an entire set. You can find her in the upper portion of Tower of Dusk, one of the two towers in Ghostgate. This NPC is not involved in any quests throughout the game and can be easily killed for their entire set of glass armor (every piece minus Helm and Bracers).

In order to avoid any penalty for killing her make sure you Taunt her or use Frenzy Humanoid on her until she attacks you.

Almost full Set of Glass Armor - Enar Dralor in Ghostgate

Enar Dralor Set of Glass Armor

Other Requirements: Frenzy Humanoid or a method of Taunting

Video of all Glass Armor Locations in Ghostgate

Another NPC with an almost full set of glass armor in Ghostgate is Enar Dralor. You can find Enar in the lower levels of the Tower of Dusk, much like with Galdal Omayn he's not involved in any quests. If you use Frenzy Humanoid or Taunt him into attacking you then there will be no penalty for looting his armor.

5 Pieces of Glass Armor - Volrina Quarra in Druscashti

Volrina Quarra in Druscashti

Druscashti is another one of the Vampire hives in Morrowind, this one is found to the east of Khuul over the mountains. You'll be running through this general area during the main story quest multiple times since the Urshilaku Camp is nearby. Inside Drushcashti you'll find a Vampire by the name of Volrina Quarra (pictured above) who is sporting quite a few pieces of Glass Armor.

Fair warning to anyone interested in becoming a Vampire in this game, Volrina Quarra and many of the other NPCs inside of here are involved in some of the Vampire quests in Morrowind. These quests are pretty niche and unless you specifically plan on doing them during this playthrough I would say don't worry about them.

Note: There is another NPC in here named Siri that is wearing a full set of Ebony Armor and sporting an Ebony Mace - all of which is worth a small fortune.

Druscashti Map Location

Almost full Set of Glass Armor - Voruse Bethrimo in Dagoth Ur

Voruse Bethrimos Corpse in Dagoth Ur

Other Requirements: Levitate // Jump buff

You can find an almost full set of Glass Armor on the corpse of Voruse Bethrimos inside of Dagoth Ur. This corpse can be found in the Inner Tower portion of the zone which is reached through the Inner Facility. If you do not already know, Dagoth Ur is the final dungeon of the game and reaching it can be quite difficult if you don't have Levitate or some way to buff your Jump skill.

Percius Mercius' Stash - Ald'ruhn

Percius Mercius Glass Armor Chest

If you complete enough quests from Percius Mercius, a member of the Ald'ruhn Fighter's Guild he will give you the key to open his personal chest with a couple of Glass Armor pieces inside. Getting the armor legitimately will allow it to be owned by you instead of him - meaning guards will not take it from you if you commit a crime.

Note: Without Percius Mercius' Key you'll need to be able to open a lock level of 80 to enter this room

Glass Cuirass, Glass Shield & Glass Halberd in Kogoruhn, Halls of Maki

Glass Cuirass and Shield in Kogoruhn

You can find a couple pieces of Glass Armor in the Halls of Maki portion of Kogoruhn. The entrance to Kogoruhn is found to the northeast of Maar Gan, it's a very large building and difficult to miss. Along with Glass Armor you'll also find a unique Long Blade by the name of Fury which is more or less a berserker's sort of weapon.

Kogoruhn Map Location

3 Pieces of Glass Armor - Irer Nervion in Falasmaryon

Irer Nervion in Falasmaryon

This location is in the same vicinity of the previous one, just northeast of Maar Gan you will find a dungeon by the name of Falasmaryon. You'll find the body of Irer Nervion on the lower levels of Falasmaryon nearby where you enter into the dungeon at.

Falasmaryon Map Location