Soscean's Cuirass in Mournhold - Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Soscean Inside The Winged Guar

Location: Mournhold, Godsreach (The Winged Guar)
Requirements: Frenzy Humanoid/Taunt (if it even works for you)
Video: How to get Soscean's Cuirass and Scimitar

Soscean's Cuirass is a Heavy Armor chest piece added into the game during the Tribunal Expansion Pack and can be obtained by defeating the wielder, Soscean, who is found in The Winged Guar of Mournhold. The Winged Guar is found in the Godsreach district of Mournhold and you'll find Soscean on the lower floor.

During The Warlords Tribunal Side Quest you will be tasked with killing Soscean and returning his sword and cuirass to Dovor Oren. Of course, since this is an Elder Scrolls game, you technically do not need to be on this quest to kill Soscean and loot his gear - you also are not obligated to complete this quest if you do not want to.

Soscean's Cuirass is one of the best Heavy Armor chest pieces in the entire game due to the +50 Fortify Health enchantment on it. At best the most you can do by yourself (or with an Enchanter) on a chest piece is +12 Fortify Health. If you plan to kill Soscean for either of these items you will want to try using Frenzy Humanoid on him or Taunt him successfully enough times to make him attack you first - otherwise you'll get a bounty. As you can see in the video I made I've unsuccessfully been able to provoke him into attacking me with Frenzy Humanoid - he's the only NPC I have ever encountered who seems to be immune to it.

Sosceans Cuirass Tooltip

Sosceans Shortsword in Morrowind