Vampiric Ring Location - Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Skeleton War-Wizard in Ald Redaynia

Location: Ald Redaynia
Requirements: Able to open a lock level of 75
Video: How to get the Vampiric Ring

Vampiric Ring can be acquired by defeating the Skeleton War-Wizard found in Ald Redaynia, a dungeon far to the west of Dagon Fel. The only thing in your way once you reach Ald Redaynia will be a trapped door with a lock level of 75 - so make sure you can open that before coming or it'll be a wasted trip.

As for the Skeleton War-Wizard, he's a surprisingly tough enemy with all of the procs he has on his weapon along with the Vampiric Ring. Having high resists will help a lot if you have your difficulty cranked up - thankfully he doesn't have much health so just drink a few potions and attack away to take him down.

Note: A Thieves Guild Quest by the name of Bittercup has you come to this tomb to pick up the Bittercup Artifact the Skeleton War-Wizard is guarding.

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