Denstagmer's Ring Location - Morrowind

Denstagmers Ring Crypt

Location: Falas Ancestral Tomb
Requirements: N/A
Video: How to get Denstagmer's Ring

Dengstagmer's Ring is an Easter Egg Artifact which can be found inside Falas Ancestral Tomb southeast of Gnisis. You can find the tomb along the southern river bank, follow the river east and you'll be there in no time. Use my map screenshot below if you need additional guidance on reaching this location.

The ring is easy to locate in the tomb since the area is rather small, just look for the large glowing blue urn that stands out (pictured above). Inside the Urn you'll find Ashes of D. Bryant as well as Denstagmer's Ring, the item we're here for. Ashes of D. Bryant are a homage to someone who died during the production of Morrowind. Check the UESP wiki entry for this item for more information about that.

Falas Ancestral Tomb Map Location
Falas Ancestral Tomb Map Location


Denstagmers Ring