Amulet of Heartrime Location - Morrowind

Dagoth Endus in Endusal

Location: Endusal, Kagrenac's Study
Requirements: Levitate/Jump to navigate the terrain near dungeon
Video: How to get Amulet of Heartrime

The Amulet of Heartrime is one of the four amulets that drops from the Dagoth boss enemies inside the Ghostfence. You will be tasked with finding and defeating Dagoth Endus, the same NPC that drops the Amulet of Heartrime, during the final quest in the game. However, you can technically come to this dungeon at any time and kill Dagoth Endus and loot his amulet since he's always here and there's no pre-requirement stopping you.

You'll find Dagoth Endus inside of Endusal, there is only a single zone to this dungeon called Kagrenac's Study and it's quite small so he's hard to miss. There are a couple of other goodies lying around too like Glass Boots, Ebony Broadsword, Grandmaster's Calcinator and more.


Endusal Map Location
Endusal Map Location

Amulet of Heartrime