Star Trek Easter Egg Location - Dying Light

Star Trek Easter Egg With Statue

There are actually two Star Trek references in the Slums map in Dying Light. One of which you can only find during the Siblings main story quest when you enter the school; [NCC 1701], the same number on the Enterprise, will be painted on the wall nearby Classroom 01.

The other Star Trek reference is a gravestone marked "Guy In Red Shirt" which is a reference to the fact people wearing red shirts in the series always died. Next to the grave that says this you'll also find a Zombie Statue which is one of the rare ingame Collectible items. You can see this item in my picture to the right of the grave.

If you're having trouble finding the grave pictured above, use my screenshot below. The Waypoint mark on my map is the exact location of this grave.

Star Trek Easter Egg Map Location